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Links & Connections


Links are an easy way for you to connect with other websites. Here are some sites that we find useful and some that we want to stay in touch with.


Links For Israel Info


Succat Hallel (Jerusalem - Ministry Steve and Tonya worked with in Israel)

David’s Tent 
- Avner & Rachel Boskey (South Israel - Good friends of ours)

Jerusalem Dateline
  - Chris Mitchell (CBN News - Good friend of ours)

Karen Davis
 - MtCarmel / Northern Border (Good friend of ours / Worship and prayer watches)


Houses of Prayer /Churches:

Steve & Tonya Hansen -

COD House of Prayer - Jerusalem (Kingdom Ministries) (Put Israel - All monies will go directly to Israel ministries)

SUCCAT HALLEL (Rick & Patricia Ridings) - House of Prayer / Jerusalem -

KEHILAT HA-KARMEL (Karen David) - House of Prayer & Evangelical Outreach / Mt Carmel -

DAVID’S TENT (Avner Boskey) - HOP, Outreach & Equipping for the body of Israel / Located in South -

Needs Based Ministries:

ALIYAH RETURN CENTER (Chaim Malspin - Fighting in the war right now as soldier, was called up.) -  Soldier outreach, elders needs, feeding the poor -

CALEB COMPANY (Don Finto / Good friend of Jim Goll) - Outreach to believers & non-believers in the South with food and aide -

FIRM ISRAEL (Wayne Hilsden) - Outreach to soldiers, food, blankets, etc. - (designate the gift)

DUGIT - Outreach to soldiers -

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