Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Prophetic Perspectives


Our God is a God of prophecy.  Every word that He speaks is a word that defines and fills the future.  God speaks His purpose, His desire and blueprint.  It is rebellion and arrogance to reject the word of the Lord.  The prophetic word of the Lord gives us context to where God is moving and how to align with Him.  God’s incomparable great power works through His word.  1 John 2.27 TPT says, “But the wonderful anointing you have received from God is so much greater than their deception and now lives in you.”  Let the truth and power in these prophetic words fill you with understanding, strength, courage and clarity.  Let the word be alive in and through you.  


Released from Christian International in 2022:  “The enemy has sent fear, fatigue, and fatalism.  These three attacks want to invade our systems physically, spiritually, and socially, causing us to shut down or become susceptible to the enemy’s ‘antichrist agenda’ plans.  Fear is sent to control us.  Fatigue is sent to wear us down and take us out.  And fatalism is sent to make us believe that things are hopeless and fated to happen.  But the ‘Christ’ anointing is greater than any antichrist agenda, and His anointing is the best anti-virus that the world has ever seen.”  The word of the Lord destroys what the enemy sends for our destruction.  Read the Bible.  Meditate on His word.  Receive the prophetic words.  Overcome by the power of Jesus’ blood and the word of your testimony.  


Prophetic Words Recently Released at Harvest:


Harvest you are like a pregnant woman that is getting bigger and bigger every day but you don’t really notice it.  Harvest you are expanding! The Lord says, I want you to stretch yourselves.  And as you stretch yourselves you require more space because you are filling up.  You are being filled more and more with the things of God.  I give you the illustration of a balloon.  When a balloon is blown up you have to stretch it.  You can blow it up without stretching but it is difficult.  The more you stretch the balloon the easier it is to blow it up.  The Lord says, stretch yourself so My Spirit can fill you.  The more you stretch yourself the easier it is going to be for Holy Spirit to fill you.  I want to fill you and fill you and fill you because you do not realize your potential.  Stretch yourself.  And when you think that you are full, stretch yourself some more.  As you expand this house is going to be full of His presence.  Expand and break open.


This is the hour and the season that I am calling you to stretch.  I am calling you to stretch beyond what you have done before, what you have seen before, what you have heard before.  I have put My Spirit within you.  The flesh is weak but the spirit is willing.  Every time that you give yourself to what I am doing on the inside of you – you are stretching yourself.  My Son stretched Himself and gave Himself for you.  He had the opportunity not to do this, but He chose to be stretched.  His stretching brought Him pleasure.  So will your stretching bring you pleasure.  The carnal mind is against Me.  Look for the stretching.  Expect the stretching and give yourself to My stretching.  Want the stretching and go for the stretching. By faith and by My Spirit.  


Yes, I am that I am.  I am Jesus.  I am the name above all names.  I abide within you.  And I am with you always.  I am speaking to you today and filling you up – filling you up with My Spirit.  Filling you up with My power, for when you are weak I am strong.  I will move through you where ever you go.  Open your mouth and open your heart and let My word go forth.  Speak My word into the hearts and lives of those that you meet.  I am with you always.  I am powerful.  I am the Name above all names.  I am the Lord Jesus your Lord and Savior and I am with you now.  Fill up with My Spirit.  Fill up with My Spirit.


Let the power of My Name burn within you.  


Mighty men of valor, take up your weapons and walk in cadence with My Spirit this day.  The hour is short and there is work to be done.  Just as a soldier is kind and respectful to civilians, stand your guard and be aware of your post.  Walk aware of your behavior and when it comes to the enemy no longer lay down and take a back seat while he runs roughshod over your families and the area you have been given charge over.  Take charge!  Take charge!  Take charge!  And serve Lord Sabaoth, the Mighty God and the great I Am.  There is a call to action.  Get ready.  Know your station.  Know who you are in Me and who I am in you.  Pray and seek My face in this hour like never before.


Come to Me all of you who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  I will give you strength.  For when you are weak I am strong.  Fear not for I am with you.  When you go forth in My Name I will move through you.  You are My portals in the earth.  Open wide, open wide and let Me move through you.  I will give you the words to say; I will give you what to do.  I am the way, the truth and the life.  Come to Me, and I will give you strength.  


I am breathing strength into you.  I am driving out with My breath all weariness, every distraction and stumbling block.  There is a fresh wind of the Spirit blowing across the earth. Receive. Receive the power of My might.  


You ask, what is this strength that I need?  There are times the wind blows hard and strong as it is now.  Take hold of My strength.  Take hold of My energy.  I am moving in the earth and you are the ones that I am choosing to move through.  This is not a day of stillness.  This is a day for working and moving.  This is a day of raising your voice and letting My voice go forth in a shout.  This is a day of proclaiming victory.  This is a day of possessing land.  This is the day of My power.  


The Lord says, I am moving in the whirlwind for I am the whirlwind.  In My whirlwind there is the fragrance of My presence, there is the fragrance of My being.  Open your nose, open your spiritual nose and smell the fragrance of victory that I am releasing across the nations of the earth.  Smell the aroma of My victory.  For My word says that the aroma of My victory, the place where I am leading you in triumphant procession, is life to one and death to the other.  Do not be afraid.  Be filled with My wind.  Be filled with the breath of My victory.  Let it go down into your bones and even re-establish your DNA.  Stand on My victory.  The battle is already won.  You say, if the battle is won why do things look the way they do?  The Lord says, I am making the path straight.  This is what I am doing.  I am shaking wickedness out, and I am making My path straight.  



These Psalm 24.7-8 continue to be key scriptures for this time.  Here is what these scriptures say, “Lift up your heads, you gates; be lifted up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in.  Who is this King of glory?  The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle.  


We are at war.  We see the war in culture today with the clashing of ideas and philosophies.  Here is a prophetic word that was released over us at Harvest in December of 2022.  As you read it open your heart to what Holy Spirit would reveal to you.


Many are waiting for My kingdom, but I have already brought My kingdom.  Did I not say that My kingdom would be within you?  As you give yourself to the working of My Spirit on the inside of you, you will see the manifestation of My kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.  For this is the hour and this is the season for you to cooperate with Me.  As you cooperate with Me and become a participant, you will grow more into what I am doing.  What I am doing is what I am saying.  And what I am saying is what I am doing.  As you have an ear to hear what I am saying you will have the courage to do what I am doing by My spirit that is within you.

I am pouring out.  Drink from Me.  For with every drink that you take, what is not of Me falls away from you.  So, drink of Me this day – drink of Me right now.  What I have for you is more than what the world has for you…this is a time to approach Me and for everything that is not of Me to fall away.


Prophetic Words Recently Released at Harvest:


The Lord says OPEN WIDE!  And wider still.  You have opened your heart wide, and even as you have opened your heart wide – I say wider still.  For I have much that I want to pour into you, much that I want to give you.  You have been receivers of My word and receivers of My Holy Spirit.  TODAY I have a new portion, so I say open wide and open wider still.  Receive the fullness of what I am releasing from heaven.  I am releasing My righteousness, and I am releasing My truth.  I am causing My fruit to rise up in you and spring forth into the earth.  You are My testimony and you are a demonstration of My love and My goodness.


The Lord says, My kingdom will come and it will be done on earth as it is in heaven!  Things are going to happen but I am your Lord and Savior.  Nothing can change that, not even in a million years.  I said ti will be done and it will be done!  I will lead you to victory.


My sons and daughters I want you so much to be with Me that I have put My self within you.  I long for so much more that I have put you within Me.  When you look at your hands, My sons and daughters, you will see My hands.  And as you give yourself to My workings and to My Spirit on the inside of you – you will become even more free.  The more you participate with Me the freer you will become.  I created you to participate with Me.  I ordained for you to participate with Me.  The more you participate with Me and become freer the more you will do My will.  As you do you will get more of My understanding.  I am working on the inside of you so that you can have all that I want to give to you.


My peace I have given you today like never before.  This peace includes everything that you desire of Me.  I am here to give to you My peace.  Grab My peace, grab My peace, because My peace keeps you in the midst of the storm.  My peace keeps you in the midst of agony.  My peace keeps you and gives you My perfect love.  You can move forward with My peace.  I am spreading My peace throughout this place, throughout this land and throughout the earth for My people.  Take hold of My peace and live in joy and My righteousness.


Fire!  My fire is upon you!  Even as you read in the Book of Acts where tongues of fire set upon all of those who were waiting upon Me, I say that My fire is in you and My fire surrounds you.  There is a passion of My heart that is in this place today, and I am consuming everything that would stand against Me.  I am completing what I have started.  Christ in you is the strength of who you are!  And I am putting My glory within you, and My glory is fire.  My glory is holiness, and My glory is purity.  I am a consuming fire.  Let Me consume everything that taunts you, everything that resists you, everything that resists who I made you to be.  My fire will eat it up!  My fire will consume it and it will no longer taunt you; it will no longer resist you.  So give in to My fire, give in to My fire.  My fire and My passion is burning.  My love is burning in you and for you.


[Prophetic word over the children]  The Lord says today, I am not afraid.  I am not afraid for My children.  I am not afraid for My grandchildren.  I am not afraid for My nieces and nephews My sister and brother.  I am not afraid Because I am greater than this culture.  I am greater than the philosophies that are coming down in this day.  I am greater.  Put your children in Me and put your trust in Me.  In My Word you read again and again – “Will you trust Me?”  So bind fear and do not walk in fear.  Do not be afraid because these children belong to Me.  They are My inheritance and your inheritance.  Do not be afraid.  These will be known as children of the Living God.  


As you have sung about My glory I say to you that you are heirs of Mine.  It is your glory as well,  As you come before Me you are strengthened by My grace to run the race.  As you run the race you will be able to overcome.  There are multitudes that have fallen away that are making their way back.  As you walk in My glory they will see it upon you and be strengthened.  You are the vessel that I have chosen.  Know that you will overcome and you will prevail as you seek My face and My grace.


The Lord says to you Harvest Christian Church, AS ONE I bring you as My body into a new place in the spirit realm.  I have opened new dimensions of authority.  New dimensions of influence that you will now stand in.  You will stand in this place in My spirit, in who I am.  Because you have given your hearts to Me, and you have allowed Me to form you in a new way and reconnect you for this present time and season.  The Lord says, you have pleased Me.  You have allowed Me to move without restrictions, and now I say that you are elevated.  You are elevated AS ONE.  Come up!  I have opened the door, come into this place.  Today is a marked day, today is the day of your promotion!



These prophetic words are filled with insight, encouragement and instruction.  Read them again and again.  Allow these words to work in you.  What is God working in you?  He is working His power, strength and courage in our hearts and in our lives.  He is increasing our understanding and discernment through revelation by the prophetic words He speaks.  He is preparing us for what is ahead so we will be able to stand strong in His power and might. 


Prophetic Words Recently Released at Harvest:


The Lord is saying to those at Harvest, even as you have opened your hearts as you are worshiping Me; I am pouring a new measure of boldness into your spirit.  I am taking this boldness deep down into the depths of your heart.  Deep down into the depths of your DNA.  Deep down into the depths of your bones.  I am making you strong.  I am making you courageous.  I am filling you with My fullness and with My power.  So, drink and drink deep.  Receive.  Receive.


This day is a day of fresh outpouring.  This day, this moment, this time I am pouring out more.  More of My Spirit in you.  This is the day of a fresh baptism of My Spirit.  I say this day, this moment, this is a time that I am pouring out into you because you chose to be open.  I hear the longing of your heart and it stirs My zeal.  I hear the love and the passion you have for Me.  It stirs Me to respond with more.  I say, greater intimacy.  Greater power.  Greater life is yours to be had.  Open up and receive; you don’t have to do anything.  I am doing it – I am pouring out into you more of My Spirit.  Receive more.  Be filled.


Do you want it, do you want it, do you want more of My Spirit?  Say yes, you want it!  Do you want it, do you want it?  Say yes – I will give it to you!


I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind,  And yes I am here today with you.  Dive in – do not fear.  I am with you, and I am filling you up now.  Go out into the world with My word and My Spirit will flow through you.  Lay hand on the sick and they will recover.  Speak My word and see it manifest before you.  Be My witness.  You are My body on the earth today!


Some of you are going to say, “How do I know?”  How do I know that you touched my life today?  I say to you that you will know because there is a change in your physical body.  I am bringing order to your physical body.  I am bringing strength to the structure of your body.  I am bringing change to the chemistry of your body.  I am bringing your body into a place of glory this day.  As you go forth from this place and you recognize I am stronger – I can breathe easier, I can move about and I can do what I couldn’t do before.  You are going to know, you are going to know that it is Me because I said that I am doing such a thing.


The Spirit of the Lord this day says Take this home with you!  Take this to work with you.  Take this shopping with you.  You want Me?  I want you more!  Give yourself to Me more.  Take this everywhere you go!


As My word says, there is a time and season for everything.  And the Holy Spirit is saying NOW IS THAT TIME for you to press in – I am speaking to you!  I am speaking to you clearly; all power is available to you  Speak in your heavenly language.  Speak straight from the throne of God.  Watch the world change as I move through you.  I am with you always.  I will never leave you or forsake you.  I am in the innermost part of your being.  Press into Me and let Me rise up through you.  Today is the day and now is the time.


The Lord is welcoming us to use the language that He gives us to speak what He wants.  Speak the mysteries of God!  Raise your voices!  Open your mouth!  Declare His works into the atmosphere and into yourself.


Behold the time is coming when I will utilize those things of the world to reveal who My sons and daughters are.  So when you look, don’t look with man’s eyes but look through My eyes so that you might discern the truth of what is.  Ask for a discerning spirit to come and rest on you  For if you see pestilence on one side, know that My healing is on the other.  The pestilence might be for the world and those aligned with demonic forces; know healing is for you.  What you see happening in the world know that I have already turned it for your good, for your admonishment, for your growth.  If you see financial hardship know that I am bringing prosperity to My people.  If you see hurt and pain know that I am bringing healing.  See things through My eyes.  Don’t look on things like the world does with fear and condemnation.  Receive My grace, My holiness and perfect will for this season.  


God says it is a mighty good day!  It is a great day!  If you are in heaven and on the earth God will watch over you.


The Lord says I am pouring out My oil on you.  I am pouring out the fresh oil of Holy Spirit.  A fresh anointing is coming upon My people.  It is called Holy Spirit in you.  So receive Holy Spirit in you in a fresh and new way.  I am pouring out fresh oil.  I am not only pouring out a little here and a little over there, but I am pouring out a saturation.  For this will be truly be a baptism of Holy Spirit and fire.  I am pouring out the fire and oil of My presence.  Press into it.  Receive the fresh oil and baptism on the inside of you.  Receive it.


It is not as hard as you think My sons and daughters, the enemy would try to put fear upon you but I have put Myself on the inside of you.  As you begin to wait upon Me and listen clearly when you hear My voice and act upon what I say – you will receive My manifestation in you, through you, for you.  It doesn’t stop with you but those around you are looking for My manifestation.  They are hungry for My manifestation.  And you, My sons and daughters, are My manifestation in the earth.  As you give yourself to Me you will receive abundantly more than you could imagine or ask for according to My power that is at work within you.  For it is not by power or by might but it is by My Spirit.  I have come to put Myself within you.  So you will prevail in those things that the enemy lies to you about.  The world is looking to see – they are already disappointed in what they have been receiving through the world.  Listen to Me and receive the washing of the water of the My word to keep out the lust of the flesh that has overwhelmed the world.  Those are the things that will try to hinder you and slow down My workings in you.  Have purity of heart.  Those that are pure in heart will see Me.  As you begin to purify yourself even as I am pure My Spirit will help you.  He wants to help you.  Will you allow Him to help you?


Be encouraged to come to the meetings on August 9 and 16 on Holy Spirit.  Prophetically this is a time that we are being called into greater relationship with Holy Spirit.  We are in an outpouring of the Spirit of God.  This outpouring is to reveal, equip, embolden and send.  This outpouring is to bless the body of Christ, strengthen us and instill even greater courage as we impact the world.

I am going to share a portion of a prophetic word from Tim Sheets that he recently released at his church.  Let revelation come and greater hunger for knowing Holy Spirit in a deeper way.

Excerpt from Tim Sheets Prophetic Word on Holy Spirit:
You’re moving into the explosive era of Holy Spirit power.  My Dunamis will activate and explosive energy will come upon My remnant.  I will now reintroduce Holy Spirit to the world.  He will now be revealed in new ways and through My people as the Mighty One of Heaven filled with power.  You are now entering into the glorious season of Holy Spirit’s explosive power.  It will be seen, felt, and it will invade the earth revealing mightiness that prevails. For you have seen the incendiaries in the natural realm.

Now watch the incendiaries in the Spirit realm.  Now I am bringing fire and activating My dynamite. You are entering the time of the fireworks of the Kingdom of God.  For you have seen the fireworks of your adversaries and now you will see Holy Spirit’s fireworks.  You will see the firepower of the Ekklesia. It will not be fireworks of grandeur in the sky, streaking and falling to the earth for show.  No, it will be fireworks of explosive power raining upon thrones of iniquity.  My fireworks will explode against demon princes.  My firepower will explode, preparing the way for My Kingdom’s invasion of the earth.  My power will explode against rulers of darkness.  They can scatter.  They can run, but they can’t hide.  My Warriors will find them.

Watch, says the Lord of hosts, as the enemies of My Kingdom begin to fight one another.  I decree the enemy will begin to declare friendly fire.  Friendly fire has engaged.  They will fight one another, says the Lord.  I will divide their language and they will tear down their evil towers themselves.  Watch.  First will come the implosion, then will come My explosions. I will not be mocked, says the Lord.

Recent Prophetic Words at Harvest:

Receive.  Receive all that I have to give.  I am Jehovah Jireh; I provide all that you need.  Receive My love.  Receive My Holy Spirit – be filled with a fresh infilling.  I have empowered you to go forth with My word and bring in a harvest.

The Lord says, I am the voice of truth; I am the One you can listen to, the One you that you can follow after, that you can believe.  I will lead you and bring you into your future.  I will tell you nothing but the truth because I am the truth.  Open up your ears and let your hearing be connected to your feet.  I am leading you and I am providing everything that you need.  I am your hope.  I am your future, and your future is in Me.  So, trust Me in this time.  Trust Me as things shake.  I am not shaking – I am the solid Rock.  Plant your feet upon the Solid Rock that you can trust and you can hear, which is Me.  This is a time to stand and stand firm.  I am your reality.

Hear Me – I am speaking.

The Spirit is saying, I am taking you into the deep, the deep of My Spirit.  Before I thrust you into the deep of the world and in your purpose and ministry, I will take you first deep into My river.  Jump into My river and let Me saturate and fill you so I can send you into the deep of the world to set the captives free.  This is a time of going deep in intimacy with Me.  As you go deep, deep, deep the deeper you go the deeper I can release you and send you.  Let me expand your innermost being.  For out of your innermost being will begin to flow the river of life.  Jump in and let Me take you deep in intimacy so that you can release My depth into the things of the world.  It is not a time to sit back but a time to breathe in deep for I am breathing on My church.  My breath is filling you with a fresh new hope and fresh life.  Breathe in, breathe in the life of the Spirit.  As you are set free in your inner man you can go and set others free.  Breathe in.  Breathe in.  Breathe in.

Will you dance with Me?  Will you go deeper?  Go deeper in Me.  I’ve got so much for you – just come and see.  Dwell with Me.

Turn to Me.  I will carry your burdens.  My yoke is easy.  Taste of Me.  My glory abounds in your life.  I am that I am says God.

The Lord says, I am heaven.  You wonder what heaven is.  It is Me!  It is My being.  It is My person.  You ask where are my loved ones that are gone?  They are here with Me.  They are in My house.

The Lord says, if I am running after you why are you running away?  Slow down and stop and let Me apprehend you.  I want to put My yoke on you, which is easy, but it can be like herding cats.  I want to put My yoke upon you that you might run with Me.  That together My burdens are light.  Stop running and let me apprehend you.  Because I am chasing after you.  I know where you are at.  Stop for a moment and let Me apprehend you.  Let Me take over.  Let Me take charge.  Let Me be yoked with you for as we run together, I will take you into areas that you cannot go by yourself.  I will take you into areas where I want to lead you.  This is a time to stop running.  This is a season to allow Me to apprehend you and overtake you.  I am not only running hard after you but I am embracing you with My goodness and love.

This is the season, and this is the hour that I am moving and My wind is blowing throughout the earth.  I am causing My wind to blow through you, My sons and daughters.  I will cause you to impact the lives of the men, women and children around you.  Many are waiting for My impact in their lives that will come through you.  I am not a respecter of persons; I have given you all of the equipment that you need.  I have not held anything back from you.  Give yourself to me in a fresh new way.  Be a participant in what I am doing.  I am calling you.  The wind of My Spirit shall flow through you.  Don’t listen to the lie of the enemy.  You can do it.  I have given you all that you need.

My Name is above you.  There is nothing between us – we are one.


We were made to hear the voice of the Lord.  He wants to speak to us.  Throughout the Word it is recorded how different ones heard and encountered the voice of the Lord.  A prophetic word spoken by the Lord can shift an atmosphere or break open understanding.  David describes the voice of the Lord as majestic and powerful, that the voice of the Lord breaks apart and reveals, it strikes or hits the mark, His voice shakes, can twist and strip away what covers or hides something.  Jeremiah says that the voice of the Lord is like a fire in his heart, a fire shut up in his bones.  Jeremiah was saying that the voice of the Lord burns inside of Him and he must speak it.  The great prophet Elijah found that God spoke in a still small voice.  Moses met with God face-to-face and heard His voice.  Job says that even the cattle know when God speaks.  As a young boy, Samuel heard the voice of the Lord calling him in an audible voice in his heart and it woke him up from sleeping.  Paul, who was Saul at the time, heard Jesus speak from Heaven and those who were with Saul heard the sound of His voice but saw nothing.  Saul’s life was forever changed as became known as Paul and wrote a large part of the New Testament.


This is a season and time that God is revealing Himself to us so that we can know Him better.  Our hearts are being stirred to come deeper in intimacy and to grow in relationship with God.  This door has been opened by God Himself.  Knowing God builds trust into your life.  In trust your faith is fueled and explosive.  Knowing God has a voice and a language of unbridled hope.  Knowing God builds strength to endure and courage to stand and advance.  The sound of heaven is clearer than ever before – resonating in our hearts, in our bodies, in our thoughts, and in our desires.


Listen to what the Lord has been speaking to us at Harvest.  Receive it, learn from it, think about it, engage His heart and what He is speaking.  Apply the wisdom and understanding of these words to your life.



Prophetic Words Recently Released at Harvest:


The night is nearly over and the day is near, so let us discard the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light.  The word says, let us walk with decency as in the day time.  Not in carousing and drunkenness, not in sexual impurity and sexual promiscuity, not in quareling and jealousy, but put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flesh to gratify its desires.  No matter what your personal circumstances the Lord says the darkness has an expiration date.  The Lord says that this darkness shall come to an end.  The Lord says, do you believe My word or don’t you?  For in the darkest time is when the light is the brightest.  Let My light shine so brightly that it will blind your enemies.  Let My light highlight the pathway for your friends.  For I will use you as My conduit and carry the torch of My kingdom.  


Don’t you know that I am doing a new thing in you.  Know how much I love you.  It is a new day and there is a new way.  Walk in My way.  Walk in joy.  


The Lord says that I am demonstrating to you that things are different at Harvest – things have changed.  I have brought you corporately into a new place.  I have opened the door and you have crossed over.  You have entered in to a new dimension.  The Lord says I have called you forward and borught you forward into a new place.  The Lord says I am activating a dimsension of your assignment as a church that carries My presence and My sound and My power.  You will see Me and You will demonstrate who I am in a whole new way.  Signs, wonders and miracles will follow after you.  Continue to lift up your eyes and I will show you what is yet to come.  I will show you what to lay hold of.  I will show you what to let go of.  I will show you your future together.  I am binding and bonding you together supernaturally.  You will move with corporate strength and resiliance.  And you will carry that corporate strength and resiliance into your private life.  I am pouring into you a corporate unity that is deep and strong.  


The Father is saying, I am the beauty that is inside of you.  I am the fragrance that is sweeter than sweet.  I am the power of every victory over every circumstance and situation that opposes.  I hold your future in My hand.  In this atmosphere of intimacy,connection and release that surrounds you I am putting within your DNA  the dimensions of My glory and My beauty.  I am causing them to breakout on the inside of your inner person.  It is Me, so drink it in.  It is Me, so lay hold of it.  It is My goodness.  It is My glory and beauty.  It is My power and strength, and it is for you.  Take it in.  Receive.


This is the hour I have told you about.  I am confronting those things that you have allowed to hinder My workings in you and through you.  Don’t resist My working.  Embrace My confrontation and grow with Me.  Go with Me and flow with Me,  Do not let condemnation hold you back, but as you begin to give yourself more to Me, My conviction will keep you on your toes and ready to go with Me.  


The miracles in this house are BIG, they are huge.  They are going into you right now.  


Not only is this palce a house of miracles, but you are a house of miracles.  For you are the temple of My Spirit.  In you I live, move and have My being.  I am stirring up on the inside of you those things that were dead.  I am bringing fresh life.  I am breathing resurrection power into your inner being.  I am causing those things that have been stale or stagnant to start to move and come alive.  You are a house of miracles.  Shake off all of the heaviness.  Shake off those things that have hindered you.  Put on the new garment of praise, a new garment of worship.  As you put on the new garmet you will begin to see things break out.  You will see things come alive.  This is a time for miracles and you are My house of miracles.  So cme alive in Me – come alive in Me!


Rejoice.  My Spirit is alive in you.  Rejoice for this is a new time.  Rejoice for this is a new beginning.  No more delay.  No longer say, I can’t do that.  This is your time – do it!


I desire to be your friend.  I desire your friendship with Me.  You can be My good friend.  Come to Me – I desire friendship with you.  I covet friendship with you.  Come to Me.  



Prophetic Word shared at the April Covenant Partner Class

This is Part 2 of a 2-part article.

Reference the May 2023 Harvester for part 1 of this article.

The following prophetic word speaks to our identity and our spiritual DNA.  This is a word to everyone that is part of Harvest.  This is who the Lord says that we are and how He is going to use us in this time. This is a  powerful defining word that will give you context and understanding of what we do and why we do it.


Read  and receive!

Prophetic Word:


This is a marked day.  I am shifting things today.  I have called and convened this meeting.


The Lord says, I am narrowing your path.  I am making you a strategic strike force that will hit the mark each time that I give you an assignment.  I will use you to break open what has been hidden.


When the Lord said “Break open” I heard breaking, I heard the sound of shattering.  The Lord gave me two scriptures that He said were for us, for this time.  One is Romans 16.20, and it says The God of peace will soon crush Satan underneath your feet.  And Isaiah 41.15, See, I will make you a threshing sledge.  New and sharp with many teeth.  You will thresh the mountains and crush them and reduce the hills to chaff.


The Lord says, I will use you to strike a blow that will release shock waves breaking apart foundations that hold many captive.  There is increased weightiness in your feet and where you set your foot and release My voice will break open.  Your impact will be strong.  I have released a deeper level of My power and authority in you and I will give you new direction and new strategies.  My favor is upon you, so I am releasing you to a deeper level of intimacy, a deeper level of the flames of My presence.


The Lord says, that even when you walk through the doors of this church building the next time, you will know that there has been a shift.  You will feel the flames of fire in your spirit.  You will know that there has been a shift, not only in the atmosphere but in your heart for the Lord says, I’ve done a work in your heart today.  I have activated and released within you today a dimension that I have called you to and called you into and so today the Lord says, I’m breaking it forth.  I’m breaking it forth, and that you will flow with it.  It is such a force you will not be able to resist it.


The Lord says link arms.  I’ve linked you together for this day and for this time, and that I’ve linked you together for My strategies, My purpose; and the Lord says My presence and My power are in you.  I link you together in a new way today, and release you in a new way today, and commission you new today.


The Lord says, there is going to be a new dynamic that breaks out.  It will break out and it will break forth and it will clear open the path for Me to release Heaven into this city and into the communities of this city and into this nation in ways that I’ve longed to do, and I have purposed for this time.  


I will be your defender.  I will go before you, and I will break open the way.  But you will follow closely behind because I’ve called you as a FirstFruit people.  I’ve called you as a spearhead that will go first.


I have given you the courage to do this.  And I have given you the strength to be ones that will be the first ones on the scene; you will be the ones that will go forth and be the model that I will release in these areas, says the Lord.  The Lord says, I have blessed you.  I have blessed you and My favor is upon you.  And above all else the Lord says, My love is with you.


Indeed, today all things are new.  I have released a new dimension into your heart.  I have released a new dimension into this church.  I will move in power, and I will move in My might through you.  It will not be of you, but it will be Me moving.  It will be My spirit moving through you.  You will find yourself in unusual places saying things that you did not expect to say.  Doing things that you did not plan to do.  It will be My plan.  And it will be by My Spirit for I have broken out in you.  There is a new sound of heaven resonating over you, in you and through you.  The Lord says celebrate, celebrate for it is a new day!  It is a new time!  I have advanced you in your destiny and in your calling.  And I have advanced you in My Spirit.

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