Monday, December 05, 2022
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Prophetic Perspectives


Christmas is a time we remember that God announced joy to the world at the birth of Jesus.  That our Savior and Deliverer had come into the earth and that as we lift up Jesus He will draw all people to Himself.  Be filled with fresh joy as you remember the great things that God has done in your life and in your family.  Just as the Lord spoke to the shepherds and the wise men at the birth of Jesus, so is the Lord still speaking to us today.  His word is near us, it is in our hearts and in our mouths.  Testify of the good things God has done in your life as you greet friends and family in this Christmas season.  Speak the name of Jesus.  


Today is a day to embrace what God is speaking to your heart.  God is for you and His blessings are on you.  He is keenly aware of our lives, our struggles and our desires.  He is our ever-present help in life.  Through Holy Spirit, He gives us wisdom and understanding.  In Philippians 4 the Lord says to rejoice (be glad, delight yourself, take pleasure in Him) in the Lord always and then continue to rejoice.  Again, this is the season of joy as we celebrate Jesus.  We are the redeemed of the Lord.  We have been born of the Spirit and are a new creation, the old is gone and the new has come.  This is the gift of God.   This is tangible demonstration of His great love for us.


Be encouraged by this prophetic word from Chuck Pierce at Glory of Zion:

“You will be able to stand and stand securely in days ahead.  I will enlighten you on who you are and who you are not.  Who you are in Me is engraved on the palm of My hand.  Now watch Me engrave and implant you in the rock of My name.”

“I’m taking the cloud off your vision.  I’m enhancing your vision for you to see beyond and bring it here, into this earth-realm.  Do not be dismayed by what you see right now for I AM the God of the future.  You are to go in, extract, and pull out that holy vision of what I have already prepared and bring it here into this earth-realm.  Watch the vision of this earth begin to change.  Don’t be deceived. Enhanced vision and a new assignment don’t mean you have to necessarily labor or work for that. Labor from a position of rest; see from a position of rest.

“Watch how creative I AM, to cause you to see.  I am causing you to see and shine in a new way!  Even in the darkness that begins to surround, you’ll be able to see, for I have laser-eyes that I am putting in My people.  You’ll be able to see in a way you’ve not seen before.  You’ll see past that which has tried to cause you to be depressed.  Know this, that depression will be ‘seen past’.”


Excerpts from prophetic words over the last month


The Lord says, take hold of My passion – it is non-ending.  Take hold of My passion – it overcomes every fear, it overcomes every enemy.  Take hold of My passion for you for My passion is stronger than anything that the enemy can bring.  I have conquered all.  Turn to Me.  Take hold of My passion and let it fill your life.  You are Mine, says the Lord and I have made you conquerors.  Take hold of My passion for I have died for you and have risen from the dead for you.  My passion for you is strong and My love for you is great.


There is never-ending love for you in God’s heart.  You never have to earn it.  Just be willing to be one that is like God.


For I am a holy God and I love My creation so much I gave My only Son Jesus Christ that you might believe on Him and have eternal life, life more abundantly.  I am a holy God and Christ in you is holy.  I look at you and I see My Son.  Lean into Him.  Bring Him out of your innermost being.  Let His light shine through you.  You are holy even as I am holy.  All of creation is groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God.  This is the hour and this is the time, open your mouth and praise Me.  Every problem that you have, every pain, every issue, is s solved in Jesus.  Christ in you is the hope of glory.


For surely I am in your presence here today.  Hear My voice, hear what I am saying to you.  This day, my sons and daughters, I am speaking to the Body of Christ – My body on the earth today.  I have surely risen.  Honor the sacrifice of My son and your Savior Jesus Christ.  Allow Me to come into your hearts and minds to the fullest.  In this hour and this day, I say to you arise Body of Christ.  Arise!  Arise!  This is the hour, and this is the time that you shall arise.  I am awakening the minds, the hearts and souls of the Body of Christ across this nation.  As Michigan rises up so will this nation!  Now I am saying move, don’t hold back.  As I am, so are you.  I have put Christ in you.  So live and move and have your being in Me.


Listen to God.  Listen to the only God, your Creator, Your Father – the One who created the whole world.  He created the stars, the moon, the heavens.  He created the world for us to be in, and for us to love people.


Yes, sons and daughters, it is I says the Lord.  Hear Me.  I desire for you to arise.  Arise!  Shine, for the glory of the Lord is on you.  For the Lion of the tribe of Judah roars.  And you are that tribe says the Lord.  When you release My roar everything comes to attention.  So arise!  This is your finest hour.  Arise!  Go out into the highways and byways and compel them to come.  For the people shall be drawn by the way of My glory, by the way of My love, by the ways of My signs, wonders and miracles that operate in you.  Now is the time –arise and shine!


He that has an ear let him hear, this not just another day this is a new day.  This is the open heaven that you have been crying out for.  This is a new day so cut off all the familiar.  This is no longer the same old, same old.  I am doing a new thing and I am accelerating the new thing and the process of the new thing.  You will see things that you only imagined and dreamed would be possible in a future generation.  For now is new day and the time of an open heaven.  And heaven is invading earth and is coming by way of your heart and by My Spirit.  So, arise and shine for this is a time of the glory of the Lord filling the whole earth.  I have set this time and I am releasing My time into the earth.  This is not chronos time – it is a Kairos time.  A specific time that I have placed into My calendar.  It is a time of heaven invading earth.  Step into the new day – do not wait any longer.  Don’t say that in four months comes the harvest for the harvest is already here.  So, lift up your eyes and look at Me and see what I see.  Now is the time of My outpouring on the earth.  Now is the time of heaven invading earth.  Receive.  Receive.


Be a doer of My word.  As you engage with My word in every area of your life you will go to the next level.  All that I have called you to will begin to be manifested.  Powers and principalities will try to intimidate you to not engage with Me, but as you seek Me and declare My voice and My word all of heaven and earth will bow.


Prophetic words release wisdom, revelation, insight, understanding and knowledge given to us by the Spirit of God.  John 16 says that Holy Spirit will guide you and me into all truth; He will even tell us what is yet to come!!  1 Corinthians 14 says eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy.  Chapter 14 goes on to tell us that everyone that prophesies speaks to the people for their strengthening, encouragement and comfort.  Those who prophesy edify or build up the church.

As you read the following prophetic words let strength pour into your heart and bones, let your mind and resolve be strengthened.  Be encouraged in your faith and encouraged to stand strong believing God is able to keep His promises.  Be comforted that God’s got this.  Let your emotions and frazzled nerves be comforted and soothed.  Be inspired in your dreams and goals, those things that you desire to accomplish.


There is MEAT in these prophetic words.  The Lord tells us in Psalm 23.5 that God prepares a table before us in the presence of our enemies.  Find the meat in these prophetic words that are for you and set on the banquet table by God Himself for you to eat, so eat and be strengthened, encouraged, gain wisdom, understanding and insight.  


Let me share a few of the delectables that the Lord has set before us on the banquet table in front of our enemies.  Take and eat these prophetic words.  Take them into your inner being and receive.  Here are some key phrases to look for and take in from these prophetic words spoken specifically to us at Harvest.  The Lord has put on your plate: FREEDOM, BREAKTHROUGH, LOVE, THE DOOR IS OPEN, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT, DRAW NEAR, GOD HAS PROVISION FOR YOU.


This is what God has put on your plate.  He knows what we need to be strengthened and to gain wisdom and insight.  Prophetic words equip you, build your faith and draw you closer in relationship with the Lord.  They are not spooky or weird – they are our Father talking to us.  


O, taste and see that the Lord is good.


Excerpts from prophetic words over the last month:


I am the King of Glory.  I have put My Spirit within you.  The multitudes around you are looking for the liberty that I have put within you by My spirit.  As you become more sensitive to My Spirit, you will release My glory and My freedom.  The multitudes are waiting.  Yield and give yourself to Me.  I want to release the liberty of My glory in you and through you.  The multitudes are looking for what I have put inside of you.  What I have put in you is looking to be released.  


God’s love is trapped energy inside of you - always making more energy.  


My children, I have an open door says the Lord.  The door is open wide.  All the supply that you need is in that room that I have supplied just for you.  Every need that you have – emotional needs, health needs, financial needs, all that you need just step through My door.  Step through My door as you worship Me.  Come forth singing, dancing and shouting praises to Me.  I have an open door for each of you.  


I am here says the Lord.  Your healer is here.  Arise!  You are the worship says the Lord – you are the sweet incense of worship.  Arise and shine!  For the light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.  You are My worshipping warriors – worship Me, says the Lord.  Press for the mark.  I have no pleasure in those that draw back.  Draw near.  Draw near, for I get pleasure from your worship.  Tap into Me, for you are My worshipping warriors.  You are My glory carriers.  Christ in you, the hope of glory.  There are those that are waiting for the light to come forth from you.  So arise!  Press!  There is a blessing in the press.  


Even as I call you deeper and you come into that deeper place, you will find that I am your full provision.  For I am the peace that you seek and the wisdom you desire.  I am your supply.  I am the breath that you breathe.  I will fill you with My presence in this time.  In the place of infilling in your spirit I will cause your spirit to soar.  And you will start to fly on the wind of My Spirit.  Those things that you think that have you trapped or held down or tethered, you will begin to know that they are only an illusion.  My strength and My power in you are able to bring you into the destiny that I have for you.  Let go – let go of the past, let go of those things that you think that have entrapped you.  I have put My freedom in you.  Come into the deep.  Come into this place of encounter and soar, soar above.


I heard God say don’t wait until you are perfect.  Come as you are.  Don’t wait until you feel that you are ready.  Come as you are.  It is through your imperfections that I work perfection.  It is through your imperfections that I get the glory.  I bring together all of the pieces that you thought were not good enough or not ready and I make them ready.  Stop waiting until you think that you are ready.  That is pride – cast it down.  Rise up and step boldly into faith. step boldly into purpose and step boldly into perfection.  What I, the Lord, declare is perfection over you.  


I hear the Lord saying that I am the God of BREAKTHROUGH!  There is nothing that can hold you back.  I am calling you out of your safe place.  I am advancing in this day and in this hour – I am above all powers and principalities; I am above all that man can do.  I am your God, and you are My people, and I am breaking you out and breaking you through and I am breaking you into.  Into the future.  Into advancement.  Into victory!


Even as I take you out of your safe place, I will bring you into My safe place.  For My safe place is where I want to set you free.  It is not in the natural but in the Spirit.  For where the Spirit of the Lord is there is FREEDOM!  So, I am taking you out of the natural familiar place – I am taking you out of your safe place in the natural and I am bringing you into My safe house.  And My house is a place of My presence.  Come and join Me as we move together as one, says the Lord.  This is a day where I am declaring jubilee.  I am declaring that this is an hour of true freedom.  I would say to you, “Look to hear.”  You would say, “Look to hear?”  Yes, you must look to hear and see freedom before you experience it.  Come into My presence, for there is freedom.  And where the Spirit of the Lord is there is true freedom!  So come in!!  Come in!


We have entered the new Hebraic year.  It is the year 5783.  Narratives will become even stronger – each narrative wants to frame the future for the new era we are entering.  There will be more warfare.  In the prophetic words below God has something to say about narratives – who and what to believe. 


We are still in the decade of the voice.  God says in Hebrews 4.12 that His word or narrative is alive and active sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.


In this new year there will be an increase in intensity and an increase in how fast things are moving.  There was a time the Lord spoke to Elijah and said gird up your loins and RUN!  The Lord is saying again to us – RUN!  Run with Him.  Run the race that He has marked out for you.  And to wait upon the Lord – to be one in heart with Him and you will be able to run and not grow weary.  Be strong and courageous.  Don’t believe everything you hear from media and in coffee conversations.  Paul told the Colossians, “See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ.”


Be encouraged.  Be filled.  Be empowered.  Step into revelation knowledge.  This is the role of the prophetic to the body – to you.  Receive it into your heart and soul, let your mind be renewed, let creativity flow, let the joy of the Lord be renewed inside of you.  God says you are the portal that His light shines through, let His light burst forth from you.  From where?  From Christ in you the hope of glory!


Excerpts from prophetic words over the last month:


For I am that God that is able – and I am your God.  I say to you that I am ABLE!  Whatever that thing is that is standing in front of You, I am able to bust it apart.  Wherever you need to go; I am able to get you there.  Whatever supply you need – I am able to bring it to your hands.  Whatever vision that I have put into your heart I am able to bring every engagement that will bring that vision into fruition.  For I am your God and I am able.  I am able to do all things – all things – all things!!  Because I am able.  I will take you into your future and I will bring you through the confusion and the chaos of now.  So keep eyes upon Me!  For this is a time to run, says the Lord.  There has been a time that you have been in that you had to stay in place, but now I say it is time to run!  Run with Me for I have taken you by the hand.  It is time to run!


For this is the point of crossover.  New releases.  New grace.  Be fortified in Me says the Lord.  My heart is for you.  There is peace.  There is grace.  Grace to do and grace to receive.  Grace to conquer and grace to strengthen others.  There is healing in your voice.  I provide all that you need.  I am the God of honor, the One that says My word shall be.  Cross over into this new destiny.  Cross over into the fulfillment that I have called you to.  This is now.  This is who you are.  You are warriors and watchmen.  This is true – this is My word.  This is My decree.


You are seated with Me in heavenly places today.  See yourself as an overcomer.  Abide in Me.  My word abides in you.  Ask what you will, says the Lord and it shall be given.  I will give you the nations as your inheritance – ask!  You are in Me, and I am in you.  See yourself seated in Me.  See yourself as an overcomer.  Everything that tries to block will be overcome.  


This is your new day Harvest Church – this is your new day!  So, give it out.  Push, push, push in the spirit.  Don’t go back!


This is the point of demonstration.  Some may say let me show you how it is done, let me demonstrate.  But the Father says, you are My demonstration.  My sons and daughters, My beloved ones, words cannot describe the grace and the love I have for you.  You are My appointed ones.  Love Me as I love you – demonstration.  This is the new.  Demonstrate to the world that I am that I am in you.  Truly a demonstration of grace and love and peace.  Release the longing of My heart in you.  Listen to the voice of your Father – listen and respond to His voice.  Step into the new.


Do you hear Me calling to you?  Do you hear Me saying, RISE UP!  You are brand new!  Everything that is past, everything that has been, is gone.  All things are new!  All things are new!  This is a day to step into the brand new.  Rise up into the brand new.  There is a new level to step into.  I am calling you to a new level.  You say, what is this?  I say even what was yesterday is like a grave.  I say to you rise up, rise up.  I am the light and the life.  Rise up to what is brand new!


For greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world has been your battle cry.  So, rise up!  There has been a destiny proclaimed over you – words of wisdom, words of declaration.  So, rise up, rise up.  Make your words the declaration of your heart.  Make your voice a healing tool.  Choose life!  You are My sons and daughters, My chosen ones.  My warriors.  My grace abounds in you.  


The Lord says to you, you are more than able.  I have given you eyes to see and ears to hear.  Open your eyes and open your ears!  Turn to Me and I will reveal all truth.  Look at My Word and I will give you wisdom and revelation knowledge to understand and know how to walk.  I am with you.  When I look at you, I see My sons and daughters in Christ.  Christ is in you, and you are hidden in Christ.  Christ in you is the hope of glory.  I am with you always.  Now is the time to speak My word and walk in truth.  I will reveal all truth to you.  


The Lord says, I have released the Spirit of Truth in this atmosphere today.  The Lord says there is no confusion in heaven.  The Lord says I do not have My foot on one side of the fence and My other foot on the other side of the fence.  My voice is clear, and My truth is clear.  My heart is clear on where I am going and what I want.  You are My body – you are My chosen ones.  You are the generation that is carrying My truth, so open your mouth and speak what I am speaking.  For the Spirit of Truth has come upon you today.  Even as in the day of Pentecost the pillar of fire came down upon My people, the Spirit of Truth came upon them.  Even today there is an infusion of My truth into your heart and into your bones and into your very lives.  So, grab hold of the truth and it will be your breath and it will be your energy.  It will be your strength and your breakthrough.  


Take a good look at the picture that accompanies this month’s article.  I want you to see this picture prophetically.  See that there are dark clouds, but the brightness of the sun light is bursting forth.  There are portals of tremendous bright light breaking through.  See the extended rays of light bursting out and released to bring the light even further.  


I have been drawn by Holy Spirit to see this kind of picture in the sky above many times in the past couple of months.  


Just like the saying that says a picture is worth a thousand words, so this picture of the heavens above prophesies breakthrough, open heavens and the light of truth and hope from God.  Darkness, confusion, oppression and control are not holding back the brilliant light.  This is God speaking through the heavens – regardless of what narratives are on the earth, God is saying I am breaking through with the light of My glory!


Look into the heavens and see the sky.  Let God speak to you prophetically – where things are headed and what He is doing.  Be still and linger looking at the sky allowing Holy Spirit to speak to your heart.  Scripture says that the heavens (and the sky) declare His glory!  Can you see His glory breaking out in this picture – yes, you can.  


Recently we sang Days of Elijah during corporate worship, let me share the words from one of the verses as you see this picture – very powerful visual!  “Behold He comes, riding on the clouds, shinning like he sun at the trumpet call.  Lift your voice, it’s the year of Jubilee.  Out of Zion’s hill salvation comes!!!”  


Be encouraged.  Be filled.  Be empowered.  This is the role of the prophetic to the body – to you.  Receive it into your heart and soul, let your mind be renewed, let creativity flow, let the joy of the Lord be renewed inside of you.  God says you are the portal (rivers of living water) that I shine My light through, let it burst forth from you.  From where?  From Christ in you the hope of glory!


Excerpts from prophetic words over the last month:


For truly I say you are a chosen generation and a royal priesthood.  You are My royal priesthood.  I have poured My spirit out upon you, and I have caused you to rise up in My power and My authority.  In this time, I am releasing you and sending you out to release My joy, release My hope, release My word to the lost and hurting.  You have come deep in relationship with Me.  You have come deep into the place of union with Me.  I say to you let that river that is in your belly come forth.  Let it spread into your neighborhood, let it splash into the places you do business and the places that you walk and talk and visit.  My completeness is in you because Christ is in you.  You are My people, and I am your God.  And this is the time!


Oh My children, My kingdom lives in you.  My will has been done in you; let My kingdom flow through you.  Let My joy that is unspeakable and full of glory be released through you.  Let My peace that passes all understanding be released through you.  You say, let My kingdom come and My will be done – it is being done through you.  Go into the highways and the byways and speak My word.  The words that I speak are spirit and life.  My kingdom shall come, and My will be done.


For this is the visitation of the Lord – the visitation of the Father’s heart.  Enter into My kingdom, My glory, My strength.  The heart of the Father abounds in you.  Righteousness is before you and clarity is upon your tongue.  Do not resist.  For the heart of the Father is longing for you.  The desires of the Father resound in you.  Do not be hesitant but let the wisdom of the Lord resound in you.  This is what you have cried out for.  Restoration is in your voice.  Determination is in your heart.  The power of the Father resounds in you.  War as you know to do and step into all that I have for you.  This is the time.


Pick up your mantle.  I hear God saying that there are mantles of people that went before us that are laid aside – waiting for ones like you to pick them up.  Pick up the mantle with boldness because God has already prepared you.  Do not think that you are unworthy.  I say, pick up that mantle that is for you.  My grace and mercy supply all of the power and everything that you need.  


The Lord says that I am shattering the boxes you have put yourself in.  Now reach out and pull in those things that you are supposed to be.  Those things that are your portion and your inheritance.  Receive them – receive them!  Receive a fresh anointing of that mantle that you have been resisting and have put off.  I have shattered all of the excuses, and I have shattered all of the negative words spoken over you in that place.  I am releasing the sound of the Father’s voice and you are hearing it clearly.  I have given you an ear to hear.  No more will you hear from a distance because I am drawing you close to My heart.  I am releasing My voice and the sound of who you are.  Like a horn releases a sound and it causes a reverberation in the atmosphere, so am I releasing a new sound.  It is the sound of My voice and clarity.  I am breathing My breath into you.  It is causing you to rise up and run – and not be weary.  To walk and not faint.  I am breathing on you and restoring your strength.  Receive My voice and receive My breath.  I will fill you.


There is an open heaven and My open heaven invites you to get on the cutting edge of My glory.  I am inviting you to come in.  Keep your eye fixed on Me and what I am doing.  There is an open heaven of My presence.  Those that hunger and thirst after righteousness will enter in.  Take off all restrictions that I have already removed from you.  No longer look at those restrictions but look at Me.  Come in.  Jump in the river.  Get on the cutting edge and ride the winds of My glory.  My glory will fill the earth and you are the expression of My glory and My presence.  Do not hold back.  Jump in.  Stay on the cutting edge of the waves of My glory.


Do not look to the left or to the right.  Look at Jesus who is the author and finisher of your faith.  Do not fear, I will never leave you or forsake you.  Who has bewitched you to think that I would lie.  I am not a man that I would lie, nor the son of man that I should repent.  What I speak I will bring to pass.  It is My pleasure to give the Kingdom.  Christ in you the hope of glory.  Surrender to Me all of your cares and concerns.  Speak by faith and you will see the victory.  Look to see Me.


I have put My glory within you.  As you give yourself to My working within you will ride on the cutting edge of My glory.  I am bringing forth new things that you have never seen or heard of before.  I am doing a new thing.  Do not cry out for the old thing.  The old thing has run its course.  Run the course that I have laid out for you.  As you begin to do these new things My glory will come through you.


Many of the prophetic words released over the last month at Harvest are God reiterating what He has already put inside of you.  These words are an encouragement that God has given you what you need for this time.  Do not let circumstances or challenges bring discouragement because God is clearly saying that victory is already there!  


Lana Vawser, a prophet in Australia recently shared this prophetic insight that echoes what God is speaking at Harvest.  "The weight of His glory and presence is increasing, and there is a call to 'linger' with Him, eliminating any rush.  His glory is coming in such a way that it will cause His people to fall face down as His brilliance comes crashing in like never before.  It is the Ezekiel 44.4 place: "Then He brought me by the way of the north gate to the front of the house; and I looked, and behold, the glory of the LORD FILLED the house of the LORD, and I fell face downward.”  He is releasing deeper encounters with His heart and deeper revelations from His heart."



For there is a point of demonstration – know this, truly you are a reflection of Me; ones who have the Father's heart.  For your lips are as mine – full of passion, full of power, full of desire.  Grace is bestowed upon you for you are children of the Holy One.  You are warriors in My camp.  Come together in life.  Live your life more abundantly in Me.  You are as one, chosen ones of the Most High.  Strength to strength.  Heart to heart.  Life to life.  Destroy the works of the enemy, hold back the dimensions that shall not bend.  For you are conquerors, you are warriors, you are life-changers.  Release the passion that is in you.  Release the healing that is upon you.  Declare My voice for this is new.  This is a new day, a new hour.  Release.  Release.  Release.


Yes, release says the Lord, for the fire I send is not a fire of destruction.  Fear not.  It is a fire of healing.  It is a fire of restoration.  It is a fire of wholeness.  I saw a man set ablaze and he was running all over the altar area.  Everyone he touched they were set ablaze.  The Lord says I activate you because the power is within you.  This activation is going to bring salvations, wholeness and soundness.  Start to be activated!  I'm activating in your family.  I'm doing something in this country, says the Lord.  I'm going to go from nation to nation for this is the power of My Spirit.  That is why I sent My wind.  Be activated!


This is a point in time – we are moving forward as one.  You are moving forward as you are in awe of Me.  In your awe and wonder of Me I will provide you with wisdom.  I will provide you with guidance.  I will give you all provision.  From this point we move forward as one.  


The Lord says, you reside in My victory.  My victory is with you at all times.  My victory is not something you have to press into, you don't have to look for breakthrough because My victory is in you because I am in you.  So the Lord says, step into the reality of your victory for Jesus Christ broke open any resistance that would stand against you.  Any resistance that you sense or feel is an illusion because My victory is in you.  So step in.  Step into the realm and the reality of what I have given you.  


Step into boldness because My provision is already in front of you.  Only step out.  I have already placed all of what you need on the inside of you.  Only release it.  I hear the Lord say, step out into boldness and do not be afraid.  You have what you need.  


Do not move back – but move forward.  Keep making choices that are right.  You get to make the decision, do you want to make good choices or bad ones?  One will take you down the good road the other will take you down the road of evil.  


I have made a way, and I will continue to make a way.  I am the WAY, and I am in you.  So the way is in you.  As you put your trust in Me and what I am doing in you, your confidence will grow.  And as your confidence grows, your courage will grow.  As your confidence and courage grow you will overcome all the things that are trying to overcome you.  You are victorious and the victory is inside of you.  Give yourself to what I am doing on the inside of you, and you will overcome all things that are trying to hinder you.  I have put My Spirit in you.  I have put you in Me, and I have put Me in you.  We are one.  You will begin to hear in a way you have not heard Me, you will begin to see Me like you have never seen Me before.  I will do exceedingly above what you think.  As My power works in you you will begin to see new things.  My wisdom will begin to flow.  


In this time of abundant grace I have also given you the fire of My word.  Every word that you speak, every place that you go you are carrying Me.  And you will defeat the enemy.  Be encouraged – this is the time of abundant grace.  The words that you speak are living words.

This is the point of desperation.  A declaration of provision in you.  Spirit to spirit.  Heart to heart.  Will to will.  Strength to strength.  This is how the Father speaks.  Grace abounds in you.  Strength arises in you.  The glory of God is in you.  You are chosen ones.  The heart of the Father is in you.  There is destiny that precedes you.  Step into My grace and My abundance.  Step into My will and My calling.  Step into My ordinances and My wisdom.  I am that I am in you.  The heart of the Father draws forth all that you need.  Step into all that I have for you.  This is My will and My glory – this is My destiny for you.  


When I say to you to go forth – go forth boldly.  I am sending you into dark places.  I am sending you to ones that do not know what you know.  You carry My voice – My majestic voice.  It will come forth through your voice.  So go forth with boldness.  There is an anointing upon you this day, an equipping upon you.  This day there is an increased boldness upon you.  I fill you with boldness.  Go forth in My name. 


When you are standing in the midst of your trial and circumstances do not be passive.  Standing is not just a passive act.  Let your standing be in awe of Him.  His greatness and the fullness of who He is.  Mark 11, say unto that mountain BE REMOVED!  When you have done all that you know how to do – stand in awe of God.



Let the prophetic word bring you encouragement and clarity in your heart.  Let your thinking and expectation be aligned to the heart of God.  The devil is a liar and the father of lies who comes to steal, kill and destroy through words and accusations, offense and hopelessness.


But God!.  But our God is GREATER!  Our God is STRONGER!  He is the WAYMAKER and He never stops working!  He is for us and not against us.  He never leaves us.  He watches after His Word to perform it.


Isaiah 41.10-11 NIV

10 So do not fear, for I am with you;
    do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
    I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

11 “All who rage against you
    will surely be ashamed and disgraced;
those who oppose you
    will be as nothing and perish.



Christ in you the hope of glory.  For if you have Christ in you, you are prepared for the glory.  I have said in My Word that the whole earth will be filled with the knowledge of My glory.


The key is through Me.  The victory is through Me.  Did I not say you are more than a conqueror through Me?  Did I not say that you can do all things through Me who gives you strength?  Did I not say greater is He, which is Me, in you than he that is in the world?  Know My children that you have the victory because you are in Me and I am in you.  There is no separation of the two.


Yes, My children you are in Me and I am in you.  Even as it was said, Christ in you the hope of glory.  Let My glory fall upon you.  I release it says, the Spirit of the Lord.  My fire in your heart – I release My fire in your spirit says the Lord.  I release My fire in your body to bring forth healing says the Lord.  Christ in you the hope of glory.  For you are My glory carriers.  For you are the temple of the Holy Ghost filled with power.  You are My glory carriers.  Go and affect this world with My glory.  You are My change agents.


For as I have penetrated the earth, My destiny in you causes unrestraint.  This is what causes the rise up.  As My life in you circumvents the circumstances in the earth, this is what causes the rise up.  So rise up in Me.  This is the destiny before you.  Do not resist this path.  You are free to release, free to uphold, free to declare, free to say I am that I am in you.  No longer will you stand along the way.  No longer will you hold back.  Your destiny is now.  Overcoming is here.  Release the joy.  Release peace.  Release healing.  And know that I am.


All of My love is going down into the earth.  I have released the river of life.  Once you drink from it you will not be thirsty again.


Believe on Me.  Do not be frustrated with the processes that I am taking you through in this troubled time.  Let patience have its perfect work in you.  For this is a time that I am working patience in you.  The fruit of which you will mature, you will lack nothing, and you will be prepared for the end time.  Trust My process.  The enemy wants you to be angry and frustrated and offended in this time with the world and the condition of the world.  But I say let patience have her perfect work in you.


Even as you have read in scripture, on the day of Pentecost there was a wind – the wind of My Spirit that came and filled the upper room.  The Lord says that My wind is among you.  My breath is among you.  The Lord says, My fire is in you – My fire is in you!  By My breath and by My fire I am bringing you into a new dimension and a new realm.  The door has opened, and you have risen up and now I am taking you into a new dimension and a new realm of victory.  The Lord says, use your eyes of faith and use your ears of faith and use your voice of faith because My Spirit is alive in you!


For you seek to find stability in a world that is being shaken in every dimension and institution.  Let me remind you that it is not about your stability.  Remember that I am a Rock!  I am THE Rock!  And I am your anchor.  You magnify whatever you look at.  You will be in despair if you look at circumstances.  You are filled with hope if you look at My promises.  This day I tell you, I am the Rock that cannot be shaken and the anchor that cannot be uprooted.  Stay in Me.


God is our protection against the devil and all evil.  Evil is no match for the power of God.


This is a day that I am taking you higher, and I am revealing Myself to you in a fresh and new way.  I am putting new armor upon you says the Lord.  I am taking you higher so that you might quench all of the fiery darts of the evil and wicked one.  I am your shield and your protector.  I am your rock and your deliverer.  Receive My supply into yourself now.  Christ is in you the hope of glory.  Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. I am giving you the victory.  I have gone before you and I am your rearguard.  Look forward – not behind.  See your victory with eyes of faith.


I am the voice of Truth!  Even as you search for truth, turn your eyes inward to the Spirit of God that is on the inside of you.  I have put My Word within you.  My Word is near you and around you.  My Word saturates you on the inside.  And My Word is the Word of Truth!  I will fill your mouth with My Word.  My Word will be like a fire in your mouth and as you speak My Word into this atmosphere and the atmospheres around you, into situations and circumstances My Word will consume that which the enemy desires to do.  My Word will overtake and bring restoration in this hour.  My Word is in you!


And there is a river of life flowing from My throne – it is constantly flowing.  It is a river of life and abundant supply.  My resources are unending and always available to My children, to you My loved ones.  My river is flowing -- you can tap into it anytime.  Tap into My river, into My endless supply.  There is no supply chain shortage.  You are My supply chain.  My river comes with abundance and My glory.


Pursue Me for this is the heart of the Father.  Come after Me.  I am full of life, full of abundance and full of glory.  I am in you.  Pursue Me with the depths of your heart.  Pursue Me with a new passion.  Be desperate for Me.  Release My anointing.  Release My strength and abundance.  Release My healing.  Stand in My strength For My voice is strong in you.  You are change-makers.  You are the ones the world is in need of.  My heart is in you.


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