Friday, July 30, 2021
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Prophetic Perspectives


There is a strong impartation of the power of God and His hope in these prophetic words.  Receive a renewing in your heart as you read and reread these words – even read them out loud so your ears can hear what the Lord is speaking.  Let the prophetic word build you up in faith and strength and resilience.


Hebrews 4.12

For the word of God is alive and active.  Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints, and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.


Romans 10.8

…The word is near you, it is in your mouth and in your heart, that is the message concerning faith that we proclaim.




I am resting upon you and releasing a fresh wind.  I AM that I AM, and I am more than enough.


I am resting upon you today to bring you into My timing.  For the enemies of God have tried to change the times.  I am resting upon you to bring your cadence in alignment to Mine.  I am resetting your DNA, your bones and your blood to align with My timing.  The Lord says, now My river will come through the courts of the Lord, and you will hear the edicts of the Lord ring out throughout the nations.  Where the enemy has brought wrong time, I am reestablishing My timing through My governing word.  This anointing is upon you, so do not think small of yourself.  I will put My words in your mouth as you live your everyday life.  I will cause My river to flow from your belly and that will bring the edicts of the court of the Lord into this city and region.  This is a marked day because I am putting My timing in you.  This will cause you to align to Me and walk in a new way.  Everywhere your foot treads that you are willing to open your mouth and speak the words that I give you will see an alignment of time.


This is the day of healing.  God has opened the floodgates of heaven.  He is calling us to step into our inheritance.  We receive that inheritance in fullness, not just in a measure.  God says, come and see who I am and who I have made you to be.  Do not hesitate and do not wait any longer for I am the God of miracles.  I am who I say I am.


Many have said is this reality.  Is this real?  Who do you say that I am in you?  What is My reality in you?  I am in your heart.  I am the breath that you breathe.  I am life to you.  I have created you.  You are warriors and worshippers to Me.  I call you My glorious ones; so, put your trust in Me.  Step into My grace.  Step into My power.  Step into will.  My grace is abundant in you.  You are the chosen ones that I have declared to be for such a time as this.  This is your reality.  This is grace that I have placed in you.  This is the now.  This is the hour – so progress in Me.  Worship Me.  Honor Me.  Uphold Me.  I AM that I AM is in you!


The Lord says the heaven is open over you and I am ready to pour out My signs, wonders and miracles.  Ask of Me, says the Lord.  Begin to reach up and receive what I am pouring out.  There is an open heaven, so reach up and begin to ask Me and you shall receive.


I am doing new wonders among you.  For you are My chosen generation; a royal priesthood and a holy nation.  Abide in Me as I am in you.  Speak My words.  Declare My voice.  What I speak will come to pass.  Let the suddenlies arise.  Let My grace abound in you; you are ones that are strong and courageous in Me.  You are My children – My loved ones.  Go forth in My authority, in My grace, in My well-being.  Do not be distraught or deterred or held back for the time is now.  There is an open heaven over you.  This is a time of new release and new joy.  Speak My release and speak My joy.  Declare My voice for this is the word of the Lord.


Even as you have come here today, I have come says the Lord.  I have come like never before.  I am in the house with you.  You have come here today for a purpose – My purpose.  The purpose of light in the darkness.  I am speaking My words straight from My throne.  Speaking to you, each one of you.  This is the day that I have made and this is the hour to go forth.  Do not let anything stop you.  I abide in you.  The spirit of anti-Christ is defeated in Me and by My mighty name.


The Lord says, I am power!!  I am power and My power is in you – let My power pulsate through you!  Move out of your comfort zone.  Move out of your head and into the Holy Spirit.  Do not analyze or scrutinize or consider that things must be done a certain way.  My power is an explosive power!  My power is going to blow you out of the old place and into the new.  There is a new dimension and realm of My power that you hear this morning – step in.  You are free to move – you are free to move in My power!


I release you.  Release, release!  I release you today – this is not like any other day.  You are released to go forward.  Be free!  My power and My might are changing you every day.  Each day a little bit more.  Release.  Release yourself.  Release your faith.  Release the life I have given you.


Even as you have been growing little by little, now is the time of acceleration.  Now is the time to see an explosion of My power.  You have been standing firm and fast.  But now I am turning up My power and turning up My fire.  I am turning up who I am on the inside of you.  You are in the midst of a great acceleration.  Receive My acceleration.  This is the power of My might.  And from that you can be strong in Me and as you are strong in Me you will resist the powers of darkness.  You will even begin to push back the powers of darkness in your realm.  You will begin to see the captives set free.  Yes!  The Spirit of the Lord is upon you and He is anointing you right now with a fresh baptism of fire.  Receive My acceleration.  Receive My presence and let it accelerate on the inside.


Everyday you are standing strong!!


I am your hope; so put your hope in Me.  There are many things that you are hoping for in your heart – I say, put your hope in Me I will not disappoint you.  I can do miraculous wonderous things that are beyond what you can think, what you can plan, what you can imagine.  So put your hope in Me.  I will cause those things to come through when there seem to be no way.  I am the way, the truth, and the life.  I am your hope, and I am your way.  I am the truth, and I am your life.  Lay hold of your hope and place it purposefully in Me.  Stir your faith and put your hope in Me.


Is it possible?  Yes, there is an acceleration once again.  Do not fear – God has prepared you for this time and you have what it takes because Christ is in you.  Receive strength, encouragement and impartation through the following prophetic words that were released in the last few weeks.  Rise up in courage wherever you are and see the victory that we have in Christ.  Victory means conquest!  The enemy has been defeated!  We have gained superiority in power and authority by the name and blood of Jesus!  This is real and it is NOW!  Trust the Lord in everything.  Keep your eyes on Him and your ears tuned to His voice.  He never lies!  Jesus is the answer that you are looking for.


TODAY, receive My peace, receive My peace.  You say, but I have Your peace.  I am taking you deeper into Me.  My peace will sustain you and through My peace I will bring forth more joy.  Joy that is unspeakable.  Maintain My peace on the inside of you.  Go deeper into My peace.

Do not be impatient, but wait on Me.  I will not disappoint you.

Who do you say that I am in you?  This is a demonstration of the heart and the mind and the will.  My fullness is in you, so be My demonstration.  Be love.  Be joy.  Be warmth.  Be hope.  Be healing.  Be all that I am in you.  Strength to strength and heart to heart.  Step into My grace and strength.  Step into obedience.

I am the God of more than enough.  You want more?  I have more for you.  I will give you rest and I will give you more than enough.

My word says that My people perish for lack of knowledge.  You lack the knowledge of the completeness of My victory.  When I died on the cross and rose on the third day, I was not resting in those 3 days – I had a work to do.  In those 3 days I descended into the depths of hell.  I defeated satan and his demons.  After those 3 days I showed Myself to satan and he had nothing on Me.  I overcame satan and defeated him.  I have showed you the victory that I won before I ascended into heaven.  I have taken My place at the right hand of Father in heaven.  And I an making intercession for you.  Understand the completeness of My victory.  Comprehend the details of My victory, then take those details and go forth in a mighty way.  My victory is complete.

I sit in the heavens and I laugh at all of the plans of the enemy.  He is defeated.  It is over by the cross.  Put the devil under your feet.  He is under your feet.  Know that the joy of the Lord is your strength.  I release the joy of the Lord upon you.  So rise up and dance and praise because the devil is under your feet – dance upon his head.

Know that in this day deliverance is taking place in your life.  You have been set free from where you have felt limited.  Free from the bondage of time, of finances, of an identity that tried to hold to a small place.  Culture does not define you.  I define you.  I say to you this day that your identity is as a child of God.  The God who created the heavens and the earth.  You are My people, and you are bound to Me.  Do not look at natural things.  It is not about the color of your skin or the finances in your pocket.  It is not about the natural things – what you have achieved or not achieved.  Your identity is in Me.  You are yet to discover how amazing you are because I am an amazing God.  You are stepping into a realm of revelation knowledge that you have not known before.  You are free to be like Me and move like I move.

Your praises have reached Me says the Lord.  This is your finest hour; move forward as you praise.  The enemy backs away as you praise.

This is a time when dry bones in the church are being rattled.  It may look like nothing is happening, but I am rattling the church from the inside out.  Begin to hear and see the dry bones rattling.  The church is rising out of its grave and is coming forth in power and might and strength.  This is a time that I am shaking everything that can be shaken.  I am putting the dry bones together.  My body is rising up in the earth.  It will not be weak, but it will be a strong body by My power.  This is the day and hour of the church and this is the time I have chosen for you to rise up.  So rise up and breathe the fresh breath of Holy Spirit into yourself.  This is a new season for My church!

God is always with us!

My grace is sufficient and My victory at Calvary is complete.  Do not look to your self but look to Me.  See My victory.  I have sent the Comforter to you.  He is the Spirit of Truth and will lead you into all truth.  You will know the truth and walk in the truth.  Come to Me.  Walk in the gifts I have given you.

You are ready.  Stop playing games.  You are ready.  Do not hesitate to do what God has spoken for you to do.

Come to Me.  I am your source.  Do not fall back – but come forward and move forward with Me.  Lift up your eyes and see Me.  This is a time of battle.

Deeper, deeper still.  Deeper, deeper still.  The Lord says go deeper, deeper still.

I am the God of eternal hope that breathes on the dry bones and gives hope.  Today is the day of salvation.

My heart has been reproduced in you.  You say, I see the power and the Lord says there is more.  There is new fire.  A release of new fire.  I am that I am.  Your release is in Me.  Step into My grace and anointing and be.

Come into alignment so you can flow freely.  The Lord says, I want your thoughts to align with My thoughts.  I want to align your mouth and your words to what I speak.  I want to align your heart to My heart.  And I want to align your feet to go where I go.  Yield to Me so I can bring you into My alignment.

I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh.  I will blow upon your dry situations and your situations will come alive.  Your situation is not hopeless.  There is life in My breath.  You are My great and exceeding army in these days.  You do not know how much power you have in you.  When you lay hands on the sick, they shall recover because of My breath that is in you.  If you have any dry places, let My breath come into those places.


God is on the move and change is here.  There is change all around us; redefinition surrounds us.  Our loving Father God gives us the Spirit of Revelation through the Holy Spirit to interpret the times we are living in and how to thrive during change.  God’s word assures us that He is speaking, AND we can hear His voice.  We can hear His voice in the midst of many competing voices and narratives.  We have been enabled to hear our Shepherd’s voice as He calls out to us.

The Spirit of Revelation moves us beyond current restrictions, even the restrictions of time!  Whoa!!  How does that work?  When the Holy Spirit opens the eyes of your heart to revelation, you are seeing in the supernatural realm.  The supernatural realm is not confined to time as we are in the natural realm of the earth.  To God a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like a day.  In a practical way revelation allows you to pull the future into the now.  What you see in the supernatural realm by revelation you can lay hold of that by faith and release it into current time.  That is speaking those things that are not as though they are.  Speaking revelation (prophetic words) brings a tangible manifestation of what was revealed!  This is one of the ways to bring God’s kingdom into the earth.  Jesus said to pray like this: Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Do not let your mind gloss over this and move on.  Revelation releases a RADICAL dynamic that you enter through the Spirit of God.  Revelation is a game-changer!  Through revelation you can see and discern, giving insight so that you know what to do.

Revelation discloses something that you previously did not know.  Revelation BREAKS OPEN what was concealed but needs to be revealed to advance.  Paul prayed for the Ephesians to receive the Spirit of Revelation.  Revelation changes perspective and unlocks a new dimension of understanding.

Here is wise counsel from the Book of Proverbs for how to live right now, with all that is going on in the world.  The devil wants to bring fear and intimidation.  But God speaks very clearly on how to thrive in these tumultuous times.

I prophesy these words from the Book of Proverbs over you:

With fixed purpose look straight ahead, ignore life’s distractions!  Watch where you are going!  Stick to the path of truth, and the road will be safe and smooth before you.  Fill your thoughts with My words until they penetrate deep into your spirit.  Above all, guard the affections of your heart for they affect all that you are.  Avoid dishonest speech and pretentious words.  Never forget My words.  If you do everything that I teach you, you will reign in life.  Your progress will have no limits when you come along with Me, and you will never stumble as you walk along the WAY.  Let discernment enter your heart.  Guard your life with My revelation-truth.  Do not let your passions get out of hand.  Wisdom pours into you when you begin to hate every form of evil in your life.  For nothing will bring you more joy than following My ways.  Hear a word for every day.  Be rich in righteousness.  A life lived loving God bears lasting fruit.  Truthful words will stand the test of time, but one day every lie will be seen for what it is.  To worship God in wonder and awe opens a fountain of life within you, empowering you to escape death’s domain.  Everything seems to go wrong when you feel weak and depressed.  A cheerful heart puts a smile on your face.  Put your trust totally in God and not in yourself.

Here are excerpts from prophetic words over the last month – receive them, review them, be blessed by them.  The prophetic word is unbelievably valuable and filled with revelation!

The Lord says: Christ is your sufficiency.  Take off your grave clothes – you are wearing the garments of righteousness in Christ.  You cannot wear the old garments and the new garments at the same time.  I make all things new.  Follow Me forward.

I belong to you and you belong to Me.  Together we will go where you have never been.  You will have what you have never had before – together we will establish new territory.  Through you and with you I will do all things.  I will continue to work through you, with you and in you.  As you grab hold of Me by trusting Me, together we will take territory.

You want more of My presence?  I want more of your presence!  I want more of your presence so much that I have put you at My right hand.  As you begin to live from that place you will not draw back from Me.  I take no pleasure in those who draw back.  Many in this last season have drawn back.  Press in by My Spirit and the grace I have given you and you can come closer to Me.  Linger in My presence.  Do not be in a hurry to leave.  See My face and hear My voice.  Yield yourself to Me.  Holy Spirit will form Christ in you.

Give Me your whole heart for I am in you.  Heart to heart, eye to eye, spirit to spirit.  My love is in you.  I am near and I am with you.  Even though you may walk through the valley I am with you.  I have prepared a table before you, My son and My daughter.  I have prepared the way.

The future is now!  Now is the time to fulfill your destiny.  Do not look to the left or the right – this is not a competition.  I have given you gifts.  You are uniquely fitted for this time.  Ask the Lord and He will reveal Himself to you.

For not only am I giving you an ear to hear the sound of the rain coming down, but this is also a time of the former and later rain.  I am giving you eye salve and anointing your eyes.  You will not only hear a sound coming from heaven, but you will see the revival that is coming down – and it is a double portion.  This is a time to allow Me to anoint your eyes and ears.  My rain is coming down and it will saturate and out of it will spring up living waters.  There is a new sound coming.  See revival falling.

I want you to have Me as your first love.  Procrastination leads to deception.  Procrastination is the evidence of not putting Me first in your life.  Do not delay obedience.  Live, move and have your being in Me.  You cannot live in former obedience – live in the obedience that is needed for now.  Give the enemy no place.

As the rain pours down, I have poured out My love upon you.  I am drawing you to Me.  I am enabling you to come to Me.  I am pouring forth great grace.  Receive My love and My grace.  Let your heart be open to My goodness and empower you to obey.


Hearing and hearing again the prophetic words that God is currently speaking is empowering.  The prophetic word draws us closer to Christ, fills our heart with hope and understanding.  The prophetic word encourages and builds us up.  An impartation of the heart of God comes with the prophetic.  There is overcoming power in the prophetic word.  The prophetic brings refreshing and strength plus focus.  Think on these words.  Meditate on these words.  Ask Holy Spirit questions.  What He wants you to receive.  How is He equipping you for what is in your future.

Open your heart as you read these words that were spoken to us at Harvest over the last month.

Prophetic Words:

The simplicity of hearing Me will determine the simplicity of your obedience.  I have called you to come to Me as a little child.  Complication comes from an unsurrendered soulish realm.  What My Spirit says to you is simple.  I am not a complicated God.  I want to be known by you.  My instructions are simple.  Do not complicate what I say to you.  Respond to Me in simple obedience.

I am a glorious God that longs to share My glory with you.  My creation expresses My glory.  I am a God of glory and in My glory is hope.  My hope comes to you through Christ.  Christ resides in you.  I am a God of intentionality and I am relentless in My pursuit of you.

Stand fast!  And again, I say, stand fast!  Be steadfast and immovable.  Fear not!  Do not walk in any measure of fear.  Fear is an indication that you are depending on yourself.  Fully surrender to Me.  I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.  Love Me with all of your heart and your fear will dissipate.  I provide a means of escape, and I am your advocate.  I am your door-opener.  I am your all in all and your sufficiency.  I am your rear guard.  And my canopy over you is love.  Let go of anything that is between you and Me.

I am opening your heart so that you may see that there is more for you than against you.  So, look and see what I see, says the Lord.  Look with the eyes of your spirit.  There is a cloud of witnesses that have surrounded you that have gone before you.  There are more for you than against you.  Get your eyes off of those that are against you.  Put your eyes on Me.  I am transitioning you now and bringing you into My fullness.  Fix your eyes on Me and you will see that there are more for you than against you.  I have not given you a spirit of fear.  Receive the soundness that comes from My presence.

In this hour I am perfecting humility and patience in you.  I am the Great Shepherd that perfects you – fear no evil.  Give Me all of the glory and I will fill you with My glory.  You will do mighty exploits in My name.  I am planting My heart in your heart.  Rule in the midst of your enemies.

I have raised you to a new level.  You are seated with Me in heavenly places.  Operate on higher levels of authority.  Supernatural power and strength are yours.  You will speak with new tongues and nothing shall hurt you.  You are seated with Me in heavenly places.  Far above situations and circumstances.  Now operate from this position.  The time is here.  Go up higher and meet Me in the sky.

I say to you that I have lifted you up into the majesty of My presence.  You now stand in My majestic presence.  So, open your heart and let your heart be filled with My majestic presence.  My majestic presence will equip you for where you are going.  For you will not faint and you will not grow weak – fear will have no hold on you.  I am releasing an impartation into your heart that is an equipping impartation in My majestic presence.  You opened the door with your praises and your worship, with your humility and your ability to bow down – you have opened the door for Me to draw you into a higher place.  In the higher place is a higher equipping.  Receive the equipping that comes in the majesty of My presence.

Meet Me in the heavens, meet Me in the higher places.  Much grace abounds for you to be, for you to receive, for you to declare.  My voice abounds in you.  A new release, a new hope, a new joy.  Find what I have placed in you says God.  Declare that I am King in your life, declare that I am Lord of lords.  Now is the time for you to step into My grace and My abundance.  Step into My authority for it is now!

It is not a season to settle.  I am moving you forward into the end-time harvest field.  There is coming an acceleration in the cadence of My steps.  Do not camp and do not settle.  It is a time to move when I move.

The Lord is saying trust Me – put your trust in Me.  Put your whole trust in Me.  Do not hold back.  Trust Me.  Trust Me.  Put your trust in Me.  Let Me be your expectation.  Put your hope in Me.  Put your trust in Me and you will see My hand move.  Do not hesitate.  I am in your NOW.  And I am in your future.  The Lord says that as you put your trust in Me, I will transcend what you do not understand and do not see.  As you put your trust in Me, hope will arise.  Put your trust in Me and you will have a sound mind.  Trust in Me and you will know what to speak and when to speak it.  Put your whole trust in Me.

I am the Great I Am That I Am.  Keep your mind fixed on Me and I will give you perfect peace.  Peace in your heart.  Peace in your mind.  Peace in your body.  A healing peace.  A peace that can reach out and touch others.  I am with you always.  I will never leave you or forsake you.  Trust in Me for I am Lord God Almighty.  I am your heavenly Father and I love you.


Prophetic Perspectives - 03-2020

In February Chuck Pierce spoke at a prophetic conference in Ohio. He released strong prophetic insight into 2021. I am sharing excerpts below. Read and be equipped with understanding and insight.

Headed into a wild and wonderful time – 2021.
 • Learn to cause the enemy to be afraid.
 • The giants will become our food.
 • Stir up expectation (do not let the enemy have your expectation).
 • If you lose your expectation, you will lose the shiny shield God is trying to interlock.
 • Think BEYOND where you need to get to.
 • Be willing to walk in places you have never been.

Emotions are the war we will be going through this year.
 • Desire is the main function of emotions.
 • God is dealing with our emotions.

Where we are going in 2021?
 • See around the corner before you go around the corner.
 • Do not run ahead of God this season.
 • God is forcing us into a time frame.
 • We are now coming up out of the swamp.
 • We are going to the land of the giants.
    o Giants were in the promised land.
    o They had to be faced down.
    o A lot of economic rearranging is going on this year.
 • Anticipate by Holy Spirit.
 • Outwit the enemy.
 • Wear the enemy down.
 • Choose your mindset.

God is moving as the Lion of Judah.
He is ROARING from the third heaven down into the earth. The sound of His roar carries the blast of His wind. It is blowing down through the 3 heavens and impacting all 3 atmospheres.His breath is blowing the enemies in the second heaven down into our realm.

This year we are returning to the root – this where a season ends and the next begins.
 • Already in a new era.
 • Herod forced Mary and Joseph into a new position – we are being forced into a new position.
 • Political realm will force us into a position to fulfill prophecy.
    o God is sorting out – determining friends and foes.
    o God looking at nations – nations in the valley of decision.
    o If USA shifts wrong way all nations will go down like dominoes for a season.
• The breath of God that is blowing is filled with fire.
    o What is in me that is being refired?
    o Heb 4.12, the word of God is going into our bone marrow – it will be fire in our bones like Jeremiah.
    o We will have fiery shields locked together – the dragon and the bull are working against us this year.
    o We will see:
          • Economic ramifications.
          • Ramifications to what God is doing new.
          • Rev 12 sums up this year – the dragon has risen because there has been a birth.
          • The intercessory movement has birthed something.
          • We are up against a dragon force.
          • If USA keeps shifting into awakening, we will be able to move around the dragon.
          • If America doesn’t move into awakening, we will look like China by 2026.
          • Be shrewd in moving forward (new birth brings a new war – in the war we will produce a new testimony that overcomes and takes us into a new place of authority. The enemy is trying to muddle our testimony. We will know by the end of April.

God is giving us grace to fight.
Go beyond your grace level, meaning ask and receive grace to go beyond where you have been in battle before.
Return to the root, new fruit will come.

We are coming into a great economic awakening we have not seen. Do not be fearful. Last year God said to tighten your belt. I am going to teach you to do exploits.

Key for this year:
 • Keep the window of revelation open.
 • Move forward as God leads.
 • A divine fall is coming by the end of April.
 • Be positioned for divine multiplication and launching.
 • By the end of this year you will frighten the enemy!


Prophetic Words from January 3, 2021 Sunday Service as we enter the new year:

Go back to Bible kind of faith. Faith is not faith in an outcome but in a person, Have faith in God. Faith is the substance of things hoped for – it is not the outcome. Faith is a person. Faith without works is dead. Test your self to see if you are in faith. Receive the Roar of the Lion of Judah and roar with Him.

Muscle. Muscle’s primary function is to exert power. Build yourself up in Me in a way that you never have before. Build your spiritual muscle. For even as the fiber of your spiritual muscle increases says the Lord, I will increase the power that I move and release through you. You will be ones that bring My kingdom into the earth an cause a reversal and a change in situations. I will cause you to bring in the new, even those things that have not been before that are new – that are the substance of the new in this NEW ERA. So build the muscle in your spirit. I am going to release miracles through you. Look to Me and as you see Me your spiritual muscle will increase. And as you release through Me your spiritual muscle will increase. As you believe, your spiritual muscle will increase. As you lift the weight of the press of My Holy Spirit the fibrous material of your spiritual muscle will increase. My power will move through you in unusual and unexpected ways. You will be ready for this release because I am making you ready.

I have released a new sound – the Lion’s Roar to come forth from heaven releasing every portal in this earth. Releasing you to come forth, come forth. Move with Holy Spirit. The boom of the roar of the Lion is mighty and going through the whole earth. It is going through the earth. Be ready! Receive everything that I am giving You – be activated. My boom is a powerful boom that is opening every portal for My glory.

Walk in extreme humility to Me says the Lord for this year you will pass through the eye of the needle. The path of righteousness is narrow. Rid yourself of all that is not righteous. For I will create in you a clean heart and a renewed spirit as you humble yourself before Me. For persecution will come to this nation. I will cause My body to be filled with outrageous faith. You will go forth in a remarkable way.

This is the time, this is the year I am breaking you out of fear. This is a time I am showing you the power of the unity of faith in your gathering. You are not to live by yourself but in the body. In the body you will be edified and empowered to go forth.

Yield to the Christ in you. I have supplied you with all you need. This is a New Year. This is the year I will reign and rule through My body. I will reign and rule – believe My word, it shall take you through. You have been born for this day. I will rise within you in great strength and power. The same power that brought Christ out of the grave. The Holy Spirit is in you. My word is all powerful. My Son Jesus Christ is name above all names. The sons of God manifest in this year.

This is My year says the Lord. I will rise up and be seen and known. As Paul said, I consider those things that are past as manure. Manure is evidence that life was there. Evidence that things were taking place. Consider those things that you have seen in the past as evidence. Now step into what is new. Be willing to be a martyr for the Lord. Be willing to let die those things that must die in your self and even around you. What was considered normal is not the new. Step into the new. I am taking you into truth in its purity and strength. Truth will prevail. There has been darkness, fraud, corruption in this nation. I say it must be exposed and brought down for My truth shall prevail. My truth shall prevail. My intentions, My will shall prevail. Align your will to My will as My body. Know what I am saying. Hear the prophetic voices and know what I am saying. Trust My voice even if it seems contrary to your desires. Be bold. Lay down everything for Me. Be a martyr for My truth. My truth is prevailing in you – do not be deceived. My truth is prevailing in you that you might not be deceived. My truth will enable you to overcome and step into the fullness that I have for you.

I put before you two examples – Mary and Martha. Martha was one that was distracted. She heard everything, she was moving this way and that way – distracted. She was anxious about many different things. She came to Me and wanted Me to change the situation. And I, the Lord, said “No”. Look at Mary. Mary chose the better part. I say to you today, choose the better part. Sit at My feet and hear My voice. I have many revelations, many dreams and many new understandings that My church, My ekklesia, must go forth in. If you are a Martha you will not hear clearly. Sit at My feet – Mary sat at My feet. Be My ekklesia. Choose the better part. Sit at My feet, hear My words, receive My revelation and you will see a new day released in the nation and the world.

There is a fullness in this hour that you can step into. As you come into this place and choose Me as your dwelling place; as you choose Me no matter what things look like in the natural. Come into the place of intimacy with me and I will give you vision – an ability to see that will take this body, this nation, your family, your situation into the future. You will step over what opposes you. For I have made you a divine partaker of My nature. You do not have to stand and take those things that you took in the old season. I am teaching you to live in a new way and to walk in a new way. This only comes by by coming deeper in Me. In this new era there is a dependence upon Me that will cause you to soar. I will be the air under your wings – you will fly above and see from that perspective in a way that you have not seen before. The Lord says, consider your dwelling place, look around and see where you are dwelling. Choose Me as you dwelling place, for those who dwell in Me will soar!

Come, come I say come – you were never meant to dwell alone. You were never meant to be alone. Come. Come. I say come. For My presence will reside in you. You will be a carrier of truth. Come. Come to Me and come together. Come and be My ekklesia. I say come. Come to Me. Come together in unity and I will pour out a blessing that you can’t contain. Come. Come together.

This year there will be darkness – gross darkness will cover the hearts of the people. But I have called you to be a light. Do not hide your light under a bushel. Do not let it be hidden. Let your light shine to the world! The world today needs My light. I have My light inside of you. Go forth and let My light shine in boldness and I will be with you. When you open your mouth I will speak through you. People will be touched by My light. The light will spread from one person to another and darkness shall run in terror. You are the light of the world. This is the year to come forth as My light. Darkness will be exposed.

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