Friday, June 21, 2024
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Prophetic Perspectives


These are powerful, life-filled words that are spoken over you and your life.  The heart of our Father is for you and not against you.  These words carry the very breath of God to fill your lungs with His word, with His truth.  Let the frequency of what the Lord is speaking resonate on the inside of you.  Let these words do a work on the inside of you by the power of Holy Spirit in you.  Praise the Lord and lift up His Name!  He is good and His mercies are new every morning.


Recent Prophetic Word released at Harvest


Am I not good?  It is My goodness that leads you to repentance.  The more you repent, the more of My goodness you experience.  I do exceedingly abundantly above all you could ask or think.  As I have worked in you, I have given you an ear to hear.  There are ones around you that want to hear what I am saying.  You become My voice as you speak what I am speaking.  And you become My goodness that they experience.  As you give place to Me, know that you will be changed from glory to glory.


As you exalt My Name, so will I glorify you.  You will be filled with My presence.  Every aspect of you will be drenched with My presence.  No longer will any authority outside of My Name be able to reign on the earth.  But you, as My sons and daughters, will rein through My Name on the earth.  Your authority is driving out darkness – so lift up My Holy Name.  See the way that I lift up your prayers.  See the way that I release blessings upon My people.  See the way that I lift up light and darkness has no part.  You are My holy people that I have lifted up as you lift and exalt My Name.


I the Lord declare, I am your God.  And you are My forerunners.


Declare My glory, My people.  This is a season that I would try you – a season that you will praise Me.  The highest praise is in you.  Clap your hands all you people and shout to the Lord with a voice of triumph.  You are My temple.  Lift your hands and praise and as you do I will take you from glory to glory.  Press  in.  I challenge you to press in to Me.  This is a time and a season that your praises will break the chains around you and your family.  Praise Me and watch what I will do.  I look for true worshipers that will worship Me in spirit and in truth.  Praise Me!  Worship Me!  Lift up your hands and your heart.  Allow Me to sit upon the throne of your heart.  You will see signs, wonders and miracles break out.  No need to lay hands, says the Lord, I will do the work.  Worship Me.  You are at the door.  Worship Me.  Continue to press on for you are My glory carriers.  My glory rests on the inside of you.  Press into Me.


Today we are one nation and today you shall defeat evil.  You shall do things that you have never done before.


I will raise you up to rule and reign with Me.  In this time My government of peace will be manifested.  You are My city in the earth.  As you begin to hear what I am saying and see what I am doing you will have the confidence to act it out.  You will have the boldness to speak it out.  And as you do this you will see My demonstration of glory.  Cry out to Me for more of My glory.  Cry out to Me for My government of peace.  For My government of peace is dwelling on the inside of you.  As you grow in Me you will see more of My government of peace manifested in the earth.  You are the destination of My government.


As you come into the beauty of My presence, I am pouring out My Spirit upon you.  I am a good Father, and I am giving you good things.  I am giving you what you need and what you desire and what your hope has been set upon.  My grace rests upon you.  And My hand of favor rests heavy upon you heart.  The Lord says, open wider, open wider – I want to move deeper in you  for you are rooted in Christ and your life is found inside of Him.  There are new places and new depths of My beauty and glory, new depths of revelation, wisdom and empowerment that I want to bring you into.  So open up your heart and freely partake, freely drink, freely take in My presence and My glory.  It is formulated for you specifically – it is exactly what you need.  It is exactly what will bring you into the next and the next after that.  Drink and drink some more.


My children I have given you My heart.  My blessings flow to you and through you.  Not just for you but for others too.  Be bold.  My heart is in you.  I love you completely.


You are seated with Me in heavenly places, and I am manifesting Myself to you right now.  Receive.  As you worship keep drinking.  I am pouring out the fullness of My presence.


Now to Him who is able to do abundantly more than you can ask – ask.  Ask and it shall be given. Now is the time to ask.  Ask and it shall be given.


I am the Lion of the Tribe of Judah that is on the inside of you.  I hear the sound of a new breed and you are that new breed.  And you have the capability to march against the gates of the enemy because the Greater One is on the inside of you.  It is Me, the Hope of Glory, on the inside of you.  You are My temple – it is written on your house.  For the Spirit of the Lord dwells on the inside of you.  I am Lord Saboath.  I heal all.  Nothing can stand against Me.  Call on My name.  Believe in Me.  For greater works shall you do because I dwell on the inside of you.  Fear not, because I did not give you the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.  When the enemy senses fear he will attack,  But when the enemy sees you rise up in Me, when you rise up in the name of Jesus in whatever you are going through.  What ever mental illness is going on in your family, whatever you are going through rise up, rise up in Me.  You are the hope to the world.


The Lord says, experience Me.  I am moving in amazing ways.  I am coming in.  Welcome the Holy Spirit that is on the inside of you.  I have given you My Spirit, and I live on the inside of you.  I am in you and you are in Me.


Declaration from this word:


We decree we are a new breed in Christ Jesus.  The Hope of Glory dwells on the inside of us and as we worship the Lord we are filled with an increasing measure of His glory and power.  We are forerunners that have risen up and taken our place for this time.


This word was released over us as a church by Steve and Tonya Hansen when they visited in March.  It is a strong and insightful word that applies to all that are part of the Harvest family.  


Be encouraged.  Allow the words to fill your heart.  There is a breaker anointing on this word – let the Lord break you through as you receive this word.


March 17, 2024 Prophetic Word at Harvest


It's a time for you to come to a new place, it's a time for harvest to come to a new place in this hour.  The Lord is opening a lot of new doors, a lot of new opportunities, a new harvest.  I see a lot of new things before you, and He wants to encourage you as His body, He wants to encourage you as His people.  Harvest I have a hidden wealth within you.  It's been hidden for a season but now in this hour, this moment, I bring it to the forefront.  There is wealth, wealth, wealth in abundance.  You have been hidden and that wealth has been hidden.  It's both a spiritual wealth and it is a financial wealth.  It's been hidden in a hidden place, but now, the seeds that you have sown, I now speak to the things planted and I say produce.  


I say a full harvest of fruit.  I break the limits, and the limitations and I break the limitations that have held back that full harvest and I say to you, a full, flowing, overflowing and an abundance of harvest and I say to you that I am connecting you in a new way.  I am connecting you in new means.  I am connecting you with new people.  I am giving you new connections in the government realm, in the religious realm, and in the political realm.  I am connecting you and as I do the limitations that have been there, that have held like this confined area and I see like this area that's been confined but it's been restrained by the heart and the hand of the Lord and he says, you've been faithful with what I’ve given you and now, it's time for the expansion that I promised.  


There's been a sifting and I've seen, I saw like these levels of sifters and they were shaking out the ground.  They were shaking out the earth and it was sifting down through the different levels and each level there were particles and pieces.  Some things were good and some things needed to go.  The Lord said, you kept the things that were good and the things that needed to go, you took out and He says and now is the final sifting, says the Lord, for that which I give you in the end will be the thing that I will use for the expansion and the Lord says to you now that I am breaking off even in this moment the limitations, the limitations and I say EXPANSE!  Expanse to the left, expanse to the right, expand to the north, to the south, to the east, to the west.  And I say that now, the canopy will expand out over the region and even beyond the region, says the Lord.  And I connect you with old and new, and I say that I am releasing to you even more in the NEW in the political realm.  For I need your voice in the government, says the Lord.  I open before you numerous double doors, says the Lord, in the political, in the governmental realm.  I release to you numerous double doors walk through them.  Let your voice be heard.  Let your voice be heard.  Lift up the voice like a trumpet.  Lift up my voice as a trumpet says the Lord, in the political realm, for I open up the double doors.  Numerous double doors in the political realm. Abundance, abundance, abundance, abundance, abundance.  I see storehouses all over the region.  Storehouses, and they will be released to the people.  The people.  You will be used to build numerous storehouses all over the region.  To release to the people for the times ahead.  It will be needed, says the Lord.  Abundance, abundance, abundance and out of those places, I will bring forth the wells of salvation that I have promised.  In great harvest, great harvest, great harvest, great harvest.


There is a rumbling, I heard the rumbling even in the spirit and even some of you have said, I feel like a shaking and a rumbling and I don't know what this is but it feels like something just is trying to break out and to break through and the Lord says, it is time that, that breakout and that breakthrough is coming and those things that are rumbling and shaking that have even been in the foundations and have even been in those wells.  The Lord is uncapping them, and He is saying this day, spring up, spring up, and those things that you have been feeling and saying something needs to break, something needs to break, something needs to break.  He says, today is the day that is breaking forth and it is breaking forth and it is springing up.  Thank you, Lord.  Lord, we thank you for things that are even in the foundations and have even been in those wells, the Lord is uncapping them, and He is saying this day, spring up, spring up, spring up and those things that you have been feeling and saying something needs to break, something needs to break.  He says today is the day that it is breaking forth and it is and it is springing up.  Thank you, Lord.  Thank you, Lord, for things that are even in the foundations.  I just keep seeing that even in the foundations.  I just keep seeing those things that have been shaking and the Lord says, they will spring up and there will be a powerful springing up.  I see wells just bursting forth, bursting forth and there will be abundance and there will be wealth and there will be refreshing and there will be joy in your house Lord.  Thank you!  


And the Lord wants to encourage you and He says the days ahead and the shaking and the shifting ahead and the trials and tribulations ahead.  Don't get your eyes on those things.  Keep your eyes on me, for there is a sound that I am releasing in you in that place.  And it will be released into the region and in the territory outside of this house.  And do not get your eyes on those things but keep your eyes on me.  There is a sound of victory.  There's a sound of triumph.  There is the sound of a champion in your midst.  There’s a sound of the king in your midst.  Release that sound and it will override.  It will override, it will override, it will override, it will override.  So, I say to you my people keep the sound of the trumpet of triumph in your mouth.  Keep the sound of the cheer of the champion.  In your spirit man and release the sound of my kingdom out over and it will bring the triumphant.  It will bring the sound that will break, and it will shake, and it will establish that which I desire in the midst of the chaos, says the Lord.  And it will bring forth the salvation that I desire.  


Declaration from this word:


We decree expansion and new connections over Harvest.  We fix our eyes on the Lord and stand firm in Him in the shaking and chaos.  We release the sound of triumph over our church and over the region.  We decree the abundance of the Lord is springing up and is breaking forth through Harvest and the people of Harvest into the region.



Encounter the voice of the Lord in these prophetic words spoken over you in the last weeks.  Let them sink into your heart and bring revelation of Christ in you the hope of glory.  Be filled again with courage and strength that comes from the Lord.  Hear the direction for your own life.  God is clearly saying that we are His temple, His house and He wants us to open the doors of our heart even wider and allow Him to come in and fully fill our hearts.  As He fills our hearts with His presence and goodness He is equipping us for the times we live in because it is a brand new day!


Recent Prophetic Words at Harvest


The Lord says that I am laying the paddles of My Spirit on your heart.  The supernatural charge of My spirit is awakening you again.  For today is a day when I am applying the paddle of My Spirit to awaken your heart.  Not only bringing it back to the place of being alive again but bringing it to a new place of true living.  So you can say that in Him I live, move and have my being.  You are in a good place and as you hunger and thirst for more you will find that that you have crossed over and there is no place to go back.  I will open your eyes to where you are at, and I will show you how to get back on track.  Some may wonder how can I get back because I am running out of time.  The Lord says that as you get back into your assignment you will step back into My timing.  I will renew your strength like the eagle.  This is a time that I am shocking your spirit.  It is your spirit man on the inside that makes you alive.  This is a divine appointment.  You have cried out and asked what am I to do?  The Spirit of God says that this is your answer.  I am doing a new thing, and it is a quick work.  It is a suddenly.  It will not take long.  As you surrender yourself and put yourself on the altar there will be an acceleration in your spirit.  There will be birth pains and growing pains.  If you stay in it, at the end of the year you will be a new creation in Me.  This is a year of accelerated growth.  I am pouring out My Spirit.  This is a time of the former and later rain.  I am pouring out the former and later rain at the same time.  This is the fulfillment of Joel chapter 2.  In the last days I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh.  Your sons and your daughters will prophesy.  Your old men will dream dreams, and your young men will see visions.  I am accelerating the time that you are in and putting you into My timing.  Give yourself over.  I am transitioning you to thrust you forward.  Allow Me to come in and reveal the real.  You are a supernatural being – it is on the inside of you.  I am ready to activate what you already know to be true.  Because greater is He that in you than he that is in the world.  You will not be able to turn back.  You will not want to go back.  Keep your eyes fixed on things ahead.  


My victory is for you.  My river is flowing higher.  Taste and see that I am good for you!


I am opening up the gates, and you are the gates that I am opening up.  Open up the gate for eternal life abides in you.  My word is in you written in your mind and in your heart.  I am opening up the gate for you to go forth and speak My word.  Bring salvation into the earth.  Speak the Gospel.  Live it.  Breathe it.  My river comes down through you.


Where you ask is this gate?  It is your mouth!  Open wide for you are heaven’s portal.  Open wide your heavenly gates.  My kingdom will come through you.  You are My portal, My heavenly gates – open wide!


As you stand in awe of Me, you are the temple of the Holy Spirit.  You are filled with My power and My glory.  You are My lighthouse.  You are My house.  This is a season that I desire to come and fill your house.  Surrender all to Me.  Surrender all.  I desire that many will draw unto the lighthouse that is on the inside of you.  This is the season where I spread wide My glory upon you.  This is a season that you will be glorified in Me.  As I go in those areas that you have kept secret I will do a quick work.  My house, My people, My temple, My church, My body this is the hour that I am filling you on the inside with My glory and My Holy Spirit, -- open up to Me.  I will cause My glory to shine on the outside.  I see a house that is already clean on the inside, it is beautiful, and the Lord says that I desire to fill your house.  Not only the inside but I desire to do a work on the outside.  I will do a work on the outside that many will see the glory of your house and many will be drawn.  I will do a quick work.  Lift up your heads, O you gates for I desire to come into you.  I desire to magnify you.  I desire to clean your house.  And I desire to decorate the outside.  Many will be drawn to that beauty because of the light that shines in you.  So lift up your heads all you gates for Me to come in.  


Just as David went forth in battle, the singers marched before him..  Release your voices in worship.  Praise Me.  The battle is won!  Rejoice and sing!


I am putting My courage deep into the core of your being.  Not only will you find stength in the joy of the Lord, I am imparting a measure of courage that is beyond your comprehension.  My courage will be like a rod of steel inside of who you are.  You will not be moved to the left and you will not be moved to the right.  I have set you on the path of life.  


I am your father, and I am with you always.  It is a brand new day, and your sins have been washed away.  For you have repented and turned away from all that is not like Me.  Receive My guidance, My wisdom and My word.  My love for you is deep.  All of the mess of the past is behind you – it is a brand new day.  


I am the vine of life, and you are My branches.  As I pour My life into you, I say drink deep.  Drink deep of My presence, My glory, My truth.  For indeed this is a brand new day.  It is a brand new day, and there have been  no days like this before.  I am filling you, and I am forming you for this band new day.  Drink of Me and receive of Me.  I am the Living God.  I am the source of life.  I am the Tree ofLlife.  I am the Vine and I am the River.  I am the hope, and I am the future. I set time in place.  I say that you are My people, and I am your God.  There is nothing you have to fear and nothing you must cower to.  I am your strength and your shield in this brand new day.  I AM that I AM in you.  I am yours, and you are Mine.




My heart is fully surrendered to You.  The gates of my heart are open to the Living God. I stand in awe of You, Holy God.  Clean my house and fill Me with the fullness of who You are.  I receive your love deep inside of me.  I drink deep.  And I release Your river and Your truth into the earth.  It is a brand new day!



Here we are in a New Year and the Lord told me to do something new with the prophetic words that you read here.  God is always bringing us into increase.  He is always expanding us and helping us.  This is what the prophetic does – it points us in the direction where God is moving and helps us to perceive and hear what He is saying and join Him.


Starting this month a decree will be added.  Holy Spirit has said for me to read all of the prophetic words transcribed here in a month and to hear His decree out of all of what was spoken.  Then write it down for you!  This will allow us to take the “meat” of the prophetic words and speak that decree over ourselves, our families, our Harvest family, over Detroit and over Michigan.  The decree will be after the prophetic words.


Have fun receiving the increase of His heart and provision.  The heart of God is for us.  He has plans and provision for us beyond our wildest thoughts and dreams!  Step into the decree.  See it with eyes of faith.  Trust God!


Recent Prophetic Words at Harvest

I am the Living God, and I have gone before you into your future.  I have gone before you even in your desires, in your hopes and in your dreams.  The Lord says, I have set My order and My purpose and I have set My supply and I have not left you wanting, lacking or needing anything.  I am the Living God.  I am living in you, and I am living in this time.  In this time, I am releasing My design and My design is inside of you.  Lay hold of the life that I have put within you – My life that is within you.  For as you partner with Me as you go into the future and into the new I want you to know that I have already put it all in place.  All you need to do is step in.


As you move ino this new season and new time, I am going to give you a new tongue.  In the new tongue you are going to hear me clearly and accurately.  There will be no confusion.  Receive a fresh baptism of Holy Spirit and a your new tongue.  


This year you will come into a fresh revelation that you are My temple.  You are the temple of the Living God.  In you, I live, move and have My being.  This year you will step into a new revelation that it is not what is on the outside but that the Greater One is on the inside of you.  I am revealing the Christ within you in a fresh and new way.  This will not take long to manifest.  It will be a suddenly.  This will be a year of suddenlies.  As you press in, I am putting a fresh and new passion on the inside of you.  As you press – I am going to meet you at that place.  You are going to remember past promises; I will remind you of prophetic words and promises that you stood on in years past that you have forgotten.  I am taking those promises off of the shelf and I am beginning to manifest Myself in a new way.  Step in – for you are My people and you are My temple that I am filling.  You are filled with My glory, and this year you will go from glory to glory.  You will not have to wait a year and look back and say it was little growth.  This is a year of exceeding growth.  I am accelerating My work in the earth.  Therefore, I am accelerating My work in you.  Give yourself over to Me and allow Me to make you the man and woman that I am fashioning and forming for My glory.  This is a time of My presence and suddenlies.  Faith is now, and it is here.  Lay hold by faith – bringing it in and step into your future.  This is a time of great acceleration and increase.  Receive, receive and keep receiving.  


I am the Living God, and I am ALIVE!  And your life is in Me!  My life is around you, and My life is where you go.  My life is where you take Me.  My life and My light shatter darkness and unravel death.  There is a new dimension of life here today in your presence that you can lay hold of – that you can grab hold of.  There is a fresh impartation that I am releasing.  This is a day and this is a year of life and life in abundance.  


My light shines brightly and the world cannot destroy My light.  I have placed My light in you.  You are My light and you shine into this world.  The darkness is shattered by My light in you.  


My light dwells on the inside of you, and there is no darkness inside My light.  Have faith.  People of the world believe that you can be possessed of demons; you possess Me – I am in you.  Believe in Me.  Some of you are in the valley of decision, the Lord says follow Me and put your total trust in Me.  I am the light and there is no darkness in Me.  This is the hour of salvation.  The Lords says, go forth.  I will cause My light to shine so bright it will cause ones to come to Me.  Believe in Me.  My angel has drawn the sword.  Go forth in victory.  See the salvation of the Lord.  Your light has come and My glory is upon you.


It is time for you to let Me fill you again.  Open up your full capacity and let Me fill you afresh.  Let Me fill you – fresh, fresh.  Give yourself over – surrender.  Let Me fill every aspect of your being.  Open up.  Surrender.  A fresh infilling.  


I am here for you.  I am with you always.  My peace and rest is upon you.  I am creating an awe of Me here in Michigan, in Detroit, in this church body.  I am with you always.  I will never leave you or forsake you.  My glory is being poured out through you and in you.  I see you feeding on My Word.  I see you being washed in the water of My Word.  I am cleansing you and making you whole.  I am lifting you up and giving you deliverance in every area of your life.  Now receive Me and receive My rest and walk with Me.  



We decree that our position in and our partnership with Christ is through the blood of the Lamb.  We decree that we are the temple of the Holy Spirit, that we are living stones being built by the hand of God.  We align ourselves to God alone and receive His expansion, His light and His life within us.  We decree that He is the Living God and there is no other God.  We put our trust in God alone.  We step in and receive the fullness of His provision for this time.  We decree that the light of God is in us and shines through us shattering darkness.  We are advancing and have stepped into the promises of God for our lives and this time.  



Wow!  What a start to the New Year!  God is releasing so many signs that things are new – there is a shift that has happened.  New doors are open.  The eyes of the nation are on Detroit through the signs being released in football with the University of Michigan being national champs and team players getting baptized to the Detroit Lions winning.  It is a new day!  As you read and receive from these prophetic words they will impact and shift your heart into where God is taking us.  You will be encouraged and strengthened and revelation will increase.  


Thank you to all of you who press in to hear what God is appealing to us corporately and then sharing that.  You are a blessing to Harvest and Detroit.  


Recent Prophetic Words at Harvest


The Lord says, that as you praise Me, not only will your chains be broken but the chains of those around you will be broken.  I will shake the ground, I will shake this church and community, even this nation and world as you worship Me.  Focus your attention and praise upon Me.  


This is a season to clean house.  If your heart has felt heavy it is because there is not room in your heart for the world and for Me.  Release what is weighing you down.  Pack those boxes and send it out.  Let My glory overwhelm every inch of you.  Don’t leave here feeling heavy – release that heaviness.  Allow My lightness to lift you up.  Allow My glory to fill you – receive more of My sonship, receive more of who I have made you to be.  


I am breaking fear in your lives.  Walk with confidence.  Walk in My love and My anointing – carry it to the world.  My love never fails.  Look to Me.  


I will be with you every step of the way.  I live n you, and I will protect you.  


The Lord says that the season has changed.  Some of you have been in a season for a long time and you have become comfortable and used to things.  The season is changing.  The resources that you have been using are changing.  Haven’t I said that I have given you an ear to hear?  I have given you eyes to see and as you press into Me – you will begin to see and understand.  The enemy will try to bring fear against you to get you to draw back, but I have no pleasure in those who draw back.  My pleasure is in those who press in.  Those who press in will receive and embrace this season.  As you embrace it; it will embrace you.  My grace will grow in you.  Things will not work like they used to, nothing will feel right.  I have put within you Holy Spirit as your Helper.  Rely on Me and you will know where the resources are.  You will know where to go.  You will know.  Your confidence will grow, and you will show My workings to those around you.  Others will be going through their time of change – they won’t know what to do and fear will start to come upon them.  But as you are an example of My relationship you have with Me, they will begin to sense the way to go.  They will be drawn to Me and My wisdom and My understanding.  So know that your season is changing.  


I heard the Holy Spirit say, BREAK OUT!  BREAK OUT!  BREAK OUT!  There is nothing that is holding you back.  My freedom is in you.  My grace is upon you.  So I am speaking to you and declaring to you – BREAK OUT!  


Cross over to the other side.  I am your joy and your strength – cross over.  That is where you will fulfill your destiny.  You are Mine and I am calling you to cross over to the other side.  


You have come to My throne asking, and I hear what you are asking and I like what you are asking.  I am eager to respond.  My ears are open, and I am listening and ready to respond to the passion and desire of your heart.  You are asking according to My heart, My will and My purpose.  I am excited about what you are asking for, and I am excited to give it to you.  


You will see My glory go across the nation, revival across the nation and in this place.  I am coming with strength and might and power.  I am taking away all fear and all doubt.  And I am consuming you with My Spirit and I will move forward with you as you move forward.  This is what you have been waitng for – open your eyes and open your ears – hear and see with My eyes and ears.  This is the time that you have been calling for.


I have put you right in the middle of what I am doing.  Yes, I made you for such a time as this.  Yes, you carry My Spirit and My heart’s desire.  Yes, your eyes and ears are open.  You are going to experience Me, you are going to release, you are going to lay hold of My Kingdom in incredible ways.  And, yes, you will release signs and you will release wonders.  Yes, you will bringing healing to those who are sick and deliverance to those who are tormented because My kingdom is in you.  You are My kingdom people, and I have made you to be in the center of what I am doing.  I have said yes to you!


You are My City.  I have ordained you to be My City.  I have ordained you to bring others into My City by My word working through you.  I have ordained you to be participants of what I am doing.  Come and let us labor together.  I have provided the resources and they are available to you.  By My wisdom that I have put within you, you can know what to do, when to do and how to do My will on earth as it is in heaven.  Know that this is the time that the enemy will do all that he can to try and hold you back.  I have given you My strength, My joy and My righteousness and peace to prevail over everything that comes against you.  


Drink in a little more peace.  Drink in a little more joy.  For I am pouring out My Spirit in a fresh and new way.  I am breaking you out of the familiar.  I am bringing you into a new place.  For you and have been in dry places and you have been going around and around – but I am bringing you out.  I am bringing you into My presence in a new way.  In My presence is fullness of joy.  I am bringing you into a new place of peace and joy in Holy Spirit.  So learn how to walk in My presence.  Learn how to not only receive peace and joy but how to release it.  As you release it you will see others come into an encounter with Me.  This is a time of divine encounter and you are carriers of My presence.  As you release the joy and peace on the inside of you it will be contagious.  It will begin to draw others in.  Those who have been distant will begin to see a light on the inside of you.  I am causing you to shine brighter and brighter and you will change the atmosphere around you.  Those around you will see that you have changed – that something is different.  This is your time to be transformed.  Come out of the familiar and come into the new.  Step into it.  The door is open.


Happy New Year 2024!  Indeed, this year belongs to the Lord.  It is the year that He has made and put us in!  


Lord our eyes are on You!  We fix our attention on You.  We turn our ear to hear what You are speaking, what insight You are giving to us, Your people in this year.  Our trust in in You.  Our hope is in You.  You are the One True God and You alone are God over 2024, over our lives, over our families and over our communities.  We rejoice in Your name and give You glory – all power and dominion are Yours.  And we as Your body arise and shine because the glory of the Lord rises upon us, even though darkness will cover the earth and deep darkness the peoples; but the Lord will rise upon us and His glory will appear upon us.


Recent Prophetic Words at Harvest


If you are searching for the glory elsewhere, stop looking around you and look within you.  For I have put Christ within you.  I have placed My glory within you.  And that is the deepest desire of My heart.  When I said, Christ within you the hope of glory it was not some wishing well for someone else’s dream, it was My hope.  It is the destiny that I have put into each and everyone of My children.  When I ask you and plead with you to let Me give you more – to receive a greater portion of My strength it is Me wanting to give you more of My glory.  That is My hope and the hope of all creation.  My children are crying out and I am saying there is more glory in you.  So receive more of the Christ that is within you.  It is a great gift and a great anointing.  Christ in you glorifies Me.


The Lord says, I have not caused you to want the ordinary.  I have not called you to want what is common.  I have not even called you to what is usual, or what is comfortable.  I have called you to have an extraordinary life.  I have called you to step into Me where there is no limitations.  I have called you to step into Me where there is the spectacular, the supernatural and the miraculous.  I have called you to step into the dimension and realm that belongs to Me and doesn’t belong to this earth.  For you are bringing into this earth what is of Me and what is heavenly.  The spectacular and the glorious, the majestic and the beautiful, the powerful, mighty and clean and the good.  Yes, I have called you to not an ordinary life.  I have called you to something new.  So declare from your heart – I don’t want an ordinary life!


My children, you are My beacon for this place.  Continue to step forward when you see Me.  You will see My glory, joy and peace, love and righteousness.  This will be for you, for your family, for the city of Detroit, for this nation.  Step forward for you are My beacon.


I have set a table before you, come feast.  I spread a feast before you in the presence of your enemies – so feast..


Even as you have have allowed Me to become your reality and My thoughts are being formed in your thoughts.  I have set you aside for Me.  As the cares of life come to take hold of you, My reality will raise you up above those cares.  You can begin to be an example to those around you what it is like to walk with Me.  Allow My thoughts to consume your thoughts.  


I have ordained you and set you aside for this hour.  I have put Myself within you, I have put My Spirit within you; and I have put My word within you.  And I have ordained you to be a doer of My word.  I have no pleasure in those who draw back.  Give yourself to what I am doing on the inside of you.  Hear what I am saying on the inside of you.  Push out doubt, fear and unbelief that will hold you back.  There are some that will not go with you – do not wait on them.  Keep moving because you love Me, and as you you follow after what I speak to your heart, the highway will be plain before you.  I have given you the resources to make the highway and as you do that you will move forward.  No more can you sing the songs and get excited and then go back home and do what you have always done.  NO!  Stir yourself up where are and where you go.  Then when you hear what I am saying in that place; you will begin to see My manifestation of the kingdom of God on earth.


Last Sunday when we were in worship I had a vision.  In the the vision I saw a door right over the top of us.  The door was closed.  The Spirit of God says the door is for a face to face encounter that is corporate.  The Lord says, My desire is to open this door and encounter you in a way that is face to face.  This will be a dramatic encounter that will impact every fiber of your being.  Their have been visions that many have been given through the years of coming to this church and seeing people on their faces before Me, even stretching into the parking lot.  There is a moment in time that this door of a face to face encounter will open.  As Your people Lord, we say that we are ones that are hungry and we will go deeper.  We are Your holy nation.  We are the nation that is coming to birth.  You have put it in our DNA.  We respond to You Holy Spirit; we open ourselves up wide and say that You are welcome.  We are not afraid, and we will not shut You down.  Take us where we have not been.


The Lord says, let Me see if I have all of your attention.  When you come into the secret place you come in with your cell phones, you come in with your Bibles, you come in with your notepads, you come in with your coffee cups.  Do I really have all of your attention?  You are moving in to a time where it is going to be a face to face encounter.  In that face to face encounter the door will open and we will see into His eyes that are like fire that burn like the bright morning sun.  This door will not be opened by one person, but the door will open by a corporateness and the manifestation is the glory coming through that door.  


Many have a hole in their heart, many have been standing in the gap for a family member waiting for them to come home.  Some have viewed this chasm as a hopeless crossing.  The Lord says, open up your imagination to the possibility that My word is true for your family.  Will you have the courage to believe in My word for those that you have deemed lost. For those you have deemed hopeless?  Will you have the courage to believe that My word is powerful enough to bring them home?  I know that many of My children are hurting because they carry a burden for their family members – but I say, BELIEVE!  Never give up hope.  Never fall into the trap that they are lost for eternity.  For I am powerful enough to bring them home.  If I have created the heavens and the earth, I can certainly bring them home.  Don’t fall into hopelessness.  Stand erect and be stout in your belief regardless of what the surrounding circumstances may look like. 


Lift up your eyes, just like the father lifted his eyes and saw his prodigal son.  We say to the prodigals that are running away – let them come to their senses.  As they turn and come back we open our arms wide to receive them.


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