Wednesday, July 24, 2024

What is the HCC Building Project? It's taking care of our own church home - our HCC Family home. Build It Logo

Did you know that our HCC home was built in 1960? WOW - that's over 58 years ago! And as you might expect, some things need upgraded, repaired and replaced after all that time.

In fact, there are lots of those sorts of things - so we made a list or two. Lists of work we need to do to keep our house in good working order and to keep it looking fresh. Just like at your home, we want to keep our home at its best. We have lots of new friends and family visiting us all the time, so we want to keep our best out there for them. And not just for new visitors - but for all of us who get so much from HCC every day of the week.

As HCC Building Projects move forward and gains momentum, we'll need your help.  We'll need finances, skilled laborers, and willing & helping hands! We are tackling some projects ourselves and calling on outside professionals for others.

So maybe you have some skills and abilities that you would like to offer, or maybe you know somebody who we can contact for our next big project. Please get with Don Armstrong if you have some ideas on how to help.

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